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 ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~

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PostSubject: Re: ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:58 am

At the mention of the stones, Feronia dipped her head, her lip rising in a silent snarl as her heart sank in her chest. The Stones… How could they have let one fall into the hands of an invading maniac? It was their job… their sacred duty to do none other than ensure the safety of the Stones and the continued peace of the island. And they had failed. Simple words could not convey her simmering anger over their collective failure, and so simply listened as Silverwing finished the commentary on his rider, nodding. If there were others already stepping up to the plate to defend the Cove, then there was no need to displace them. When the rest had given their say, Feronia looked briefly at Vitreasa, noting that she hadn't voiced her plan yet. Perhaps she simply didn't know yet. "Well, if we're all in agreement, then it is time for us to disband. Brother and Sister ken, I loathe to part ways with you all so soon, but it is unfortunately our calling and our way." She dipped her neck, bowing to the others in the ring of dragons and aired her potent feelings of kinship she felt with the other Guardians across their shared mental link. Unfurling her wings, the red dragon stretched and arched her neck, ready to leap into the sky. "Come then, Typhon. We head to the capital city to see what we can make of the situation."

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PostSubject: Re: ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~   Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:54 am

Apart from Vitreasa, they had all disclosed their plans and he was sure that the purple Guardian had something very specific in mind as well, even if she had not openly talked about it, yet. Or maybe she wasn’t but that was fine too. He knew that she knew exactly what she was doing and he did not doubt for one second that she would make sure to get a message across to one of them should something go amiss. Her and Silverwing had always been fairly close, thus he assumed that she would head somewhere along the same lines as the blue Guardian.

Once Feronia made to lift into the skies, Sebantais replied to her words with a heartfelt roar of his own, spreading his large emerald wings to take flight as well. They would all go off into their various directions now to do what they did best, infuse fear in their enemies and give hope and strength to their allies.
The time of words had ended, but the time of actions was upon them. Actions were needed now. More than ever if they did want to shame what they stood for, if they did not want to lose Dragon’s Cove to a handful of invaders.
“Good luck to all of you,” he called out, bowing his head to each of the four Guardians in turn. “May we meet again soon. With more strength. And with hope!”

With those words, Sebantais lifted off into the skies, turning west without further ado. His flight would be a long one and he had quite a few stops to make in the meantime to dispatch runners and collect information from his minions. Yarrowitz needed protection and the defenders needed the city’s artisan skills but the city and its inhabitants would not know what was coming for them with the arrival of the green Guardian.

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PostSubject: Re: ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~   Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:55 pm

Typhon watched Sebantias take off silently, the thoughts of what they all must do suddenly weighing very heavily in his mind. This war could turn out to be the greatest struggles of their lives... and he didn't like it. What could this man really get to gain from all of this? Nothing that he could see, at the moment. Closing his eyes, he thought almost longingly of the past, where life was a bit simpler. Where all he had to do was scout the island for trouble, never becoming too involved. And then it dawned on him that these were /not/ good thought, the fact that he was wishing he didn't have to do anything was very bad indeed. Had he really become so lazy?

But, he had work to do as well. Following Feronia's lead, he shook out his wings, flapping them experimentally. Everything was in order. Turing to Feronia, he gave her a quick nod. "I will follow. Lead the way."
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PostSubject: Re: ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~   Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:14 pm

Watching the other three guardians ruffle their wings and get ready to set off, Silverwing lifted his head also. They had their plans set out in their minds and now they were ready to act. He was going to head west to find Sandy, that was his. But of course, it wouldn’t be a pleasant journey, that was for sure. No way would she be alone, and those waiting won’t be too overwhelmed to see him. However, he knew it wouldn’t be the worst of his worries.
Although of course, there was still one of the five yet to speak.
He moved his vision over to the purple dragon a few metres away who had her eyes set to the ground.

“I will go with Sebantais.” Was the only words that came from Vitreasa’s mouth. Her eye line didn’t move for a while, and it took several seconds before she raised them up to the green beast opposite. If all went well, then none of them would be doing anything soon alone. Typhon would be with Feronia, her with Sebantais and Silverwing with Sandy.
Slowly, she made her way over to stand near the edge next to Sebantais, spreading her wings so that they reflected the sunlight slightly. She looked around the group one last time, knowing that whatever happened over the next few weeks could make this the last time that something like this ever happened.
Her eye line caught that of Silverwing, only the expression on her face didn’t change. She merely looked away and took one last, deep breath before leaping off into the sky.

Silverwing was quite taken aback by Vitreasa’s cold stare, and he felt his face crease into a frown before realising it had done so. But he had to shake it away nonetheless.
He twisted around and too, took the leap of faith off the cliff and into the blue sky. But for how long it would stay that way, he didn’t know.

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PostSubject: Re: ~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~   

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~*~ Guardians Peak (8th Board) ~*~
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