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 Syntribos Sharptooth:. He's a maneater (Desert Chaser)

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PostSubject: Syntribos Sharptooth:. He's a maneater (Desert Chaser)   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:40 am

- Syntribos Sharptooth –

Show me how to lie
You’re getting better all the time

Name: Synytribos Sharptooth
Nicknames/Alias: Syn
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 18th May 2681
Gender: Male
Species: Desert Chaser

And turning all against the one
Is an art that’s hard to teach

Profession: Professional irritation
Birthplace: Nusfarian Desert, not far from Nabiscan
Faction: Maledictus Eice
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: None. They get eaten.

With a thousand lies, and a good disguise
Hit ‘em right between the eyes

Eye Colour: Golden brown
Size: Medium- 11ft in length to tail tip, 2'5ft height at the shoulder
Scars: None

General Appearance: Although not the largest dragon, Syntribos is a fierce looking beast. A line of thick brown armour plates run down his back, from behind his head to halfway down his tail. They are lightly patterned with circular shapes, which continue down his back legs. Smaller plates line his nose, and thick horns sprout from just above his small earholes. His body is a pale yellow colour and scaled; the only 'soft' part of Syntribos is his tail, which is fluffy and thick. His paws are wide and hardened from long-distance running, the pads black. He is lean, with no fat on his strong running muscles. Syntribos' teeth are long enough to poke out from under his jaws, and his eyes are ringed with white, making them look twice as large as they really are.
He wears no human decorations or clothing; it'd just slow him down, and that stuff is

Personality: Cowardly, sarcastic, critical, insipid, lazy, selfish, demanding.
Cowardly- If there's a fight to be had, or someone threatens violence against Syntribos for his words, he'll definitely be the first to back out. He's full of words, but it's all bluster.
Sarcastic- Sometimes Syntribos doesn't really think about what he's saying, and he'll freely mock whoever's in his eyesight, even if he should be more careful. This has earned him no favours with the Clubtail Sisters.
Critical- Syntribos is the first person to knock down a plan, pick apart the flaws, and leave it in pieces on the floor. He won't make much effort to contribute to helping fix things however.
Lazy- More than happy to let others do the dirty work, Syntribos loves to try and manipulate others into doing his ways for him.
Demanding- Syntribos loves nothing more than getting attention; even better if he's receiving compliments with it!

Strengths: Marathon running, quick talking, hunting.
Weaknesses: Lazy, cowardly, sarcastic.
Likes: Sunshine, metal, the sound of his own voice, eating.
Dislikes: Humans, glass, climbing, dragons that can fly.
Fears: The Clubtail Sisters, being underground.
Abilities/Powers: His sense of direction is exceptional, even below ground.

Strength: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Endurance: *****
Agility: **
Arcane: *

There’s something in your way
And now someone is gonna pay

Father: Shofar
Mother: Oharaha
Siblings: Probably some out in the desert, somewhere.
Other Important Family: None.
History: Suprisingly, Syntribos grew up around humans. The first few years of his life were spent with his parents and a large group of roaming humans, moving up and down the Volcane Belt between Kaionar and Nusfar. His parents acted as messengers and scouts for the group, looking out for danger, food, and carrying messages- especially when they passed by the city of Nabiscan, the stronghold of the green goblins. Syntribos was, at an early age, taught to carry smaller messages, and run patrol around the group as they moved. Shofar and Oharaha were fairly snooty in respect to the humans they travelled with; on good terms, but not what could be called friends. They were humans, not dragons, and not on the same level.

This stance on humans benefited in the long run. On one of the longer stretches of the journey, they were knocked off their normal course by a ferocious sandstorm, grounding them for a week and making life miserable. When it passed, their camp was wrecked; their goods ruined, the horses dead, the carts destroyed, and their food supply gone. The horses made fine meals for a couple of weeks, but so far out from civilization... well. Nobody could expect three hungry dragons to starve, and humans were not their kind; meat is meat, even if it once was the body of a 'friend'.

Needless to say, the three Desert Chasers were not welcome scouts for much longer, once they started eating bodies. Eighteen long years of being trusted messengers was broken within a couple of weeks. Syntribos didn't mind much though; the world was at his oyster, and he could go where he pleased. Splitting off from his parents, who covered their disgraces and found new work, Syntribos discovered the desert in all its glory. The feel of sand and scorched earth beneath his paws was legendary, the ability to run for days and not have to slow for others liberating. He crossed the desert from the Volcane Belt to Ironshas, to Nusfar and back, taking whatever food he could find on the way; lizards, birds, humans. The latter grew on him with time, certainly the most filling and tasty of morsels the desert had to offer.

On a pass closer to home, along the Volcane Belt, Syntribos got wind of Maledictus Eice. A group that resented humans, that killed them mercilessly? Free food, and with a whole group of dragons doing the killing, he wouldn't even have to put in any effort to the hunt! Although it was away from the heat of the desert, he set out to find the group. Azenth joined him on the way when he stopped for the snack that was Yarri, and Syntribos gained his first 'follower'- even if the lash is useless. He joined up with the group just before the sacking of Plurith, and immediately reaped rewards; delicious meat, more than he could ever eat. The downside, of course, were the Clubtail Sisters, who he managed to piss of almost instantly. And their insane plans; who would decide to go down Celen's Fall to destroy a balancing stone?! He now is seriously regretting and questioning his decision to join Maledictus Eice, barely escaping from the Fall, and only by lucky chance then.

Other: None

And if you can’t get what you want
Well it’s all because of me

Anækileya and Vythiweiah (Bitches)
Azenth (He likes peanut butter)
Dyavol (Annoying as hell)


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Syntribos Sharptooth:. He's a maneater (Desert Chaser)
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