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 Ceridwyn Yeriss:. -An elegant lady (Antler)

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PostSubject: Ceridwyn Yeriss:. -An elegant lady (Antler)   Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:06 am

- Ceridwyn Yeriss –

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First glance

Name: Ceridwyn Yeriss
Nicknames/Alias: Cerid
Age: 10
Date of Birth: 10th February 2699
Gender: Female
Species: Pygmy Antler


Profession: Pet
Birthplace: Didienne
Faction: Follows Skeloph; Surahnian Rebels
Relation To Any Non-Dragons: Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss (Mistress, owner of)


Eye Colour: Green
Size: Small, just under 2ft height at the shoulder
Scars: None

General Appearance: Ceridwyn is a beautiful young dragon, and she knows it. She is covered from head to toe in soft, downy fur, mostly pale green. Darker green stripes run down the length of her back, and the same colour mark her paws. She has long, thin legs, and has a lean build, although is obviously still healthy. A thick green mane of fur runs down her neck, back and tail; a long forelock hangs over one side of her face. Ceridwyn enjoys having parts of her mane braided into tiny plaits, or having brightly coloured beads added, mostly gold. Occasionally she will have the same gold colour painted on top of her thicker green markings, on her wings and shoulders. Her ears are large, and protrude from behind tall white antlers, which have five tines each, and have pale cream growth rings marked along them. Her wings are wide and thick, like an eagle's, and have darker stripes along the major feathers at the ends. She has more beads sewn under her secondary feathers.

Personality: Sophisticated, confident, dainty, dutiful, childish, mischievous, spoiled.
Confident- Happy in her place, and knowing her privileges, Ceridwyn acts more like a human than a dragon sometimes when it comes to talking to others.
Dainty- Elegant in everything she does, Ceridwyn has been brought up to act properly even in the most lowly of company. 

Childish- Ceridwyn has been known to throw hissy fits if she doesn't get enough attention or her way on things, and an upset antler dragon with wicked magic skills isn't something you want annoyed.
Mischievous- When she gets a silly thought in her head, Ceridwyn is fairly prone to acting on it, especially if she thinks it'll irritate someone else. Her favourite targets are servants.
Spoiled- Ceridwyn gets what she wants, at the flip of a wing. Money had never been an object, and she happily demands anything pretty she sets eyes on.

Strengths: Loyal, polite, charming.
Weaknesses: Superficial, needy, dependent on others.
Likes: Rich food, beads, bells, music.
Dislikes: Mud, silence, the High Council, rain.
Fears: Independence, losing her wealthy pet lifestyle.
Abilities/Powers: Proficient at using both Earth and Water magic (**each). She is able to grow plants wherever she likes, creating beautiful, exotic flowers, or towering trees. With her water magic, she can create delicate water sculptures, and huge bubbles. However, if she tries too great a task, nothing happens at all, and the exertion can make her feel dizzy or faint. Generally she underestimates her skills, sticking to easier, more frivolous uses.

Strength: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Endurance: ***
Agility: ***
Arcane: **** 


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Other Important Family: Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss (owner)
History: From day one, Ceridwyn has been a pampered pet. The way of wild dragons are completely unknown to this antler.
Ceridwyn hatched out in a warm, dark room somewhere in the heart of Didienne, and was brought up to be a pet, and aspire to nothing more. She was taught to act nicely, speak well, and do whatever was asked of her by her masters. If she did well, she was rewarded; if she did not, she was ignored, something she desperately hated. It didn’t take long for Ceridwyn to learn to behave.
For that, she didn’t mind at all. Life was cushy, and she realised that she would get all the comforts in the world if she made herself perfect.

When she was four, she was plucked from the stall where she stood pretty on a pillow; her owners had deemed her perfect enough to sell, and she made a pretty fortune. She was both pleased with the amount of money that changed hands as she was given over to her new owner, and excited that she was going up in the world; her previous owner had been kind to her, but there had been no bond between them, and she had known all along that she was merely a way of making a fortune. They would both benefit though, so she did not care. Tucked under the arm of the dashing young man who had bought her, she excitedly was walked to her new home.
It was as exquisite as she had hoped, paintings hung from the walls, gold glittering every direction she looked, finery on the people that moved through the big mansion, and riches she could barely comprehend. Her previous home had not been poorly furnished, but this… this was something else.
Her hopes were utterly dashed when she was told she could not stay, however, after two weeks of living in what she thought was heaven. No, her new master could not keep her… but she
was to be a present for a Lady. Quickly as her spirits had fallen, they sprung up again, even higher than before- a Lady!

She couldn’t hold back her excitement when she was presented before her new mistress, a Lady Skeloph. She was a courting gift, she knew… but what did she care, still? Ceridwyn knew she was a pet, but she did not mind. Still she benefitted, and now she had a mistress. Life was good.

Since that day, Ceridwyn has become a loyal pet of Skeloph, spending the days in luxury, and enjoying every minute of it. She acts willingly as an extra pair of eyes and ears, reporting back even the smallest pieces of gossip to her mistress without even a blink of thought of others. Whereever Skeloph goes, Ceridwyn is not far behind.

Other: Although Ceridwyn could have a lot going for her, she likes to take the easy route through life, happy to live as Skeloph's prized pet and leech off her privileges instead of doing anything herself.


Skeloph Shyvmore Yeriss (Devoted owner, oh she is wonderful!)


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Ceridwyn Yeriss:. -An elegant lady (Antler)
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