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 Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit)

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Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit) Empty
PostSubject: Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit)   Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 12:39 pm

Quick Stuff
Mashy, Male, 8yrs sometimes prefers to call himself Tęphoophoo.
Species; Flit Mostly brown furred, large beige colour wings, very long white tail and white markings on body, about the size of a squirrel.
Dragon Enhancer, Tęphon's rider, Dragons Cove's resident pest.
Erratic and excitable, full of energy and often in a good mood. Immense magical energy is stored in his body but he is completely incapable of using any of it, only able to use via donating a portion of it to a dragon he is well linked to.

Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit) Kyu10
Picture by yours truly.

Name: "Mashy"
Age: 8 yrs
Birth Date: 1st of February, 3701
Gender: Male

Type Of Flit: As all flits are, he is a dragon enhancer. Originally designed to be a side-piece to the ordinary Rider and Dragon combo, as well as some entertaining if annoying company, flits were made to give a boost to the power's of dragons while being harmless in nature themselves. All flits as such have at least some level of their (in)famous childishness that keeps them so innocent as they are.

Relation To Any Dragons: The rider of the Guardian Dragon Tęphon. Needless to say many are skeptical of the idea of letting a flit be a Guardian's rider, especially given their usual secondary role and apparent immaturity, however, Mashy in spite of still being a true flit is plenty capable of being a thinker when the time calls.
Likes/Dislikes: Mashy loves to play and enjoys being carried around on Tęphon's head (makes for a very good viewpoint) He also likes flying but hates swimming, it makes his wings all but completely useless.
In addition he also dislikes it when creatures he has a good-connection with are sad, flits being flits, they seem to then copy and echo the mood. So if somebody were happy, Mashy would be elated, hence it isn't so nice when they are in a sour mood.

Physical description well, reference the picture.
On occasion Mashy will carry around pebbles, twigs and other "interesting" things he finds along the way. Although this is typically useless stuff, small, magical (and so, valuable) objects are high up on Mashy's list of items-to-have.
Often though he'll be holding onto some small fruit or nuts as they make up the entirety of his diet; flits are solely herbivores with a small appetite.

Flits are annoying little buggers to kill.
Due to their hugely powerful magical nature (even if they can't use more than a few sparks of it) they are immune to most spells cast on them. Also, while the physical body of Mashy and indeed, any other flit, is fragile he makes a great escape artist and evader. Not least because of his small size but speed in flight and great agility.
Offensively, besides magical incompetence, Mashy has nothing he can truly do to an opponent except give it a nasty nip the size of a thumb or a few cat like scratches. He mostly protects himself by flying away or channeling a small part of his energy to "his dragon" for the dragon to then protect him.
In his case, Tęphon the Guardian Dragon, a very capable defender.

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."
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Mashy ~ DHFHE'sd;fjfdJEMMndnd (Flit)
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