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 Ari-- Do you hear that?.... Ari is that you?

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PostSubject: Ari-- Do you hear that?.... Ari is that you?    Tue May 03, 2011 12:54 am

I will never speak again?
Allaria aka Aria or Ari
How will I survive?
20 year old appearing
Father can you hear me?
Any one?
Looks human but there is more then she appears.
(for now)
A silenced muse who voice was known to sooth even the savage of beasts.
She likes to sing, where she hates the silence she has been cursed to.
A young muse cursed to silence centuries ago after stopping an evil force from rising a destructive beast. Some believe it was the elements them selves that where beginning to stir. None know but her and she has been silenced and only she knows how to break the curse upon her. She has adapted her own version of sign language to get what she need but many still don't understand. When she used to sing be able to coax the very birds from the skies to do her bidding as well as the creatures from the deepest oceans. All form of animals and beast would go to her to find the peace that they many crave.

Cast out of the heavens she finds herself in a world she knows nothing about, in the middle of a war that she doesn't know who to keep away from. After she was cursed she could not rememeber who or why she needed her voice back. But she knew she needed it.
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Ari-- Do you hear that?.... Ari is that you?
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