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 Underlund the Dark Book (Enchanted Book)

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Underlund the Dark Book (Enchanted Book) Empty
PostSubject: Underlund the Dark Book (Enchanted Book)   Underlund the Dark Book (Enchanted Book) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 10:28 am

Name: True name is kept a secret, goes by the name Underlund

Age: Unknown

Gender: Presumed to be male

Type of person: Enchanted book

Underlund is, in this form, a heavily-ornamented book with covers of heavy, dark brown leather bordered with gold leaf. He is roughly the size of a large dictionary, and his pages are yellowed and soft, containing dark secrets and descriptions. A wide rd silk bookmark is sewn into his bindings, and sometimes acts as a sort of 'tongue' for him. And on his front cover is his most prominent feature: A large, amythist eye, always alert and extremely observant. A thick lock used to hold him dormant, however it has been undone for quite some time.

As a book, Underlund contains secrets about multiple dark arts, including necromancy. However, he also has a special talent: He has the ability to absorb living creatures and turn them into either pages in his book or loose sheaves of paper, either of which will contain a biography on the absorbed. Underlund also takes their knowledge as his own, so he has been known to absorb prominent figures in magic. Rumor has it that there are also special crystals that he can absorb to change his appearance and add to his powers, however you should pray that these really are just rumors...

The history of this mysterious book has been long forgotten, indeed the earliest records of it date to only a few decades ago, though the powers it wields are much more ancient than that. It was found deep inside the ruins of an ancient temple, though strangely one that had already been looked through, multiple times in fact; almost as if he had just suddenly been placed there by a forgetful owner. Oddly enough, no one knows what exactly is in it, as all those who have opened it have either disappeared or forgot what they had read, knowing only to move it closer and closer to a library in Racksom. There, it merely had to lie in wait, patiently expecting his new host to come and help him with his plot. And one day, what luck, a girl stumbled into his secluded room, obviously tainted by reading of the dark arts. Easy prey. Though her will did not yield at first: For many days, her will opposed his, whatever spark of holy light still inside her trying to warn her of the dangers of opening the tome's blood-written pages. It did not last. Finally, her desires defeated that goodness, and she tore into the books pages, further condemning her to a life of servitude. She was his.
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Underlund the Dark Book (Enchanted Book)
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