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 Achos -- Messenger of Darkness, Warlock (Human)

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PostSubject: Achos -- Messenger of Darkness, Warlock (Human)   Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:59 pm

Name: Achos.
Age: 20.
Gender: Male.
Picture: (Coming soon).
Type Of Person: Warlock.
Relation To Any Dragons: Tabri/Charon
Likes: Destroying things, causing trouble, etc.
Dislikes: Dragons, Shadowhunters, human race & family.
Description: Average height, average built, Caucasian, multi colored hair(streaks of red , silver , black ,& brown. Short- messy), ear pearcing (right ear, made of pure silver), golden eyes,
Other: Personality: Evil.
Weapons: Black Sword & Bow.
Clothing: Black armor
Background: Comes from a wealthy, royal family, although evil. Left when he turned 14. Likes to spread the darkness on his own.

Speak not, silence is golden.
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Achos -- Messenger of Darkness, Warlock (Human)
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