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 Siofra -- Looks harmless but really isn't (Half Elf)

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PostSubject: Siofra -- Looks harmless but really isn't (Half Elf)   Mon May 19, 2008 9:25 pm

Name: Siofra
Age: 25
Birthday: January 18th, 2684
Gender: Female

Type of Person:
Half-elf; a hunter, and the occasional assassin.

Relation to Any Dragons:
Dragons fascinate her by their very nature and whenever she has some spare time, she enjoys studying them.

She likes her peace and quiet, or having people around that acknowledge the silent moments without having to fill them with unnecessary and rubbish small-talk. She likes preoccupying herself with herbalism once in a while to grow more knowledgeable about the art of healing. She also rather enjoys making small, sarcastic comments, which people do not know whether to take as a joke or an insult. She dislikes being patronised and when her favours are being taken for granted – she considers most of the jobs she takes on to be favours – and she hates it when people despise her simply because of who and what she is. She dislikes being in larger crowds, it often turning into a disadvantage for her, in addition to the fact that she quite simply grows tired of most people rather quickly. She mostly has a signed stamped on her forehead however that seems to tell the outside world to stay away from her. Needless to say that her way of living has come to make her very distrustful, with the exception of the few people she knows and trusts. If they prove themselves, however, she can make a good companion, or even friend, and she will stick to her friends no matter what.

Siofra is a half-breed, half human and half elven. Typically for her elven descent, she has relatively good eye sight and hearing, though appearance-wise, her elven descent does not particularly show except for slender features and very slightly pointed tips of her ears. These however are usually covered by waves of red hair and the cowl of her dark cloak, which she usually keeps on her head. She is clad in not too tightly fitting leather pants that still give away her shape without restricting her movement, stuck into smooth leather boots that somewhat resemble chaps. The same goes for her chocolate brown shirt, which remains loose in all the right areas for better movement but still hugs her figure. Protection is provided by her sword, held in a beautiful handmade sheath, fastened to the left side of her leather belt – it had been a present from her brother – and she carried a small dagger on her right side. On her back, she wore an arrow and a quiver, all of which was covered by dark green cloak that prevented her being seen most of the time on her journeys.
She is relatively calm, mostly wears a blank, poker-face expression so as not to give away her true intentions and/or thoughts. If she smiles honestly however, her piercing green eyes alight in its glow. Once she has set her mind to something, it takes quite a lot to make her waver from it and she dislikes people telling her what to do. She is very attentive and can sneak up on people quite well if necessary. Taking on odd jobs here and there, she often has to seek out people or specific items. Once in a while, she even picks up the odd death note on people, though she picks those very carefully and would never specifically work as a hired assassin. She does things for her own reasons and when she does not see a good reason to off someone, she will simply refuse the job.
On a more negative note, she is driven by the need to seek revenge for her brother’s death and desperately wants to find out who has done this, though so far she has not had any luck with none of the leads she’s picked up on. Gradually, she begins to see clearer and to realise that living on the desire to avenge her brother is not the best way to be living, especially now that she has someone else’s experience to profit from, but she has a hard time snapping out of this nevertheless. She had been nurturing this for too long already.

Siofra typically wears a black velvet band across her forehead, the clasp of this hidden underneath her hair to prevent ridiculous humans from ripping it off, should they even get that close. The band is designed to hide away from view a mark she is wearing on her forehead ever since her elven grand-mother died. She does neither know why it has appeared nor what it means; thus, she prefers people not knowing about its existence. She has an older – deceased – brother, whom she’s been very close to despite their differences and she misses him terribly. The mysterious circumstances of his death were never explained and the body was never recovered. It hurts her to recall his face or almost any memory related to him. She never met her father; he had left the family shortly after her conception. The only thing she knew about him was that he was an elf, and the only other member of her family she had met was her father’s mother. Whenever she had visited, Siofra had spend almost all her time with her, learning about healing, the abilites of plants and herbs, how to brew potions and much more. As for her mother, Siofra had never felt particularly close to her. Her mother had wanted to raise her as a daughter fit to be married to someone decent, much to the displeasure of her daughter, who wanted to learn how to use swords, just like her brother. It wasn’t until later that Siofra understood why her mother had wanted to raise her in such a manner but she also understood that it wouldn’t have made any difference. The best education would not have changed the fact that people avoided her for not being completely human. Her mother is now living with her sister and her family, and Siofra still visits her from time to time, despite the fact they have grown apart over the years.

Her brother has always been very protective of her, fighting her fights, not letting anyone insult or harm her. One day however, he was not with her when a group of human children ganged up on her and drove her into a corner without a way out. As she was readying herself to take the beating with something resembling pride, she was rescued by her furious brother, who afterwards looked at her with such a disgusted and at the same time pained look that she decided it was finally enough. She would have to take matters in her own hand and began to toughen up. She asked her brother to train him how to fight and even though he did not like the idea of his little sister fighting anyone, he understood that it was better if she could defend herself because he could not always be with her.
On one of her louder days, verbally fighting off a few pranksters, she met Atleon. At first, she disliked him and his authoritative manner but quickly realised that he was not insulting her but the others for treating her in a lousy way. It was then that their bond began to form and grow stronger over the next few days they spent together. They were inseparable and were as good as a couple in everybody’s eyes, as far as it can be called a love interest in younger years.
Her brother hated Atleon’s guts because he felt the need to protect his little sister, after all Atleon was human, and an heir to the human throne at that, whereas her mother loved him to bits, having high hopes for her future and already seeing her with a crown on her head. Atleon’s best friend hated all of them and tried to drive them apart, but Atleon stuck to Siofra, which made her even fonder of him. They remained inseparable. Until one day, everything changed. Atleon and his best friend fought, Atleon got hurt badly and his father blamed Siofra’s brother, without even listening to a word Atleon was saying. Atleon’s best friend in the meantime was telling Siofra that Atleon did not really care for her, that it was all an act and that he would leave her any day now, resulting in her not trusting Atleon anymore. The latter on the other hand was talking to her for hours, appeasing her, begging her to forgive him and to believe him, which she finally did. He told her that indeed he had to go away to complete his education but that it had nothing whatsoever to do with her. Things were never the same between them again, even though they were still almost best friends, but they were not a couple anymore, the wedge Atleon’s best friend had driven between them taking its desired effect at least partially. Then came the day when he could not delay his departure any longer. It was years before they saw each other again, but their friendship hadn’t been lost. Both of them had changed and saw a lot of things differently now but they could still count on each other and would give their hand to save the other. Or would they?

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Siofra -- Looks harmless but really isn't (Half Elf)
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