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 Yarri the Nightling

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PostSubject: Yarri the Nightling   Yarri the Nightling Icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 2:27 pm

((YES she is dead *dances and sings* Ahem. Apologies for the general badness, I never did bother to redo her profile after my noobish beginnings here.))

Name: Yarri (yah-ree)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Type Of Person: Healer, sort-of Rider
Relation To Any Dragons: She temporarily rides Rokam, after his last rider, Yarri’s father, passed away from a sickness.
Likes/Dislikes: She likes trees, woods, that sort of thing- nature stuff. Dragons, and animals in general. She does not like the ruler of the far-away Nightling kingdom; he banished her family.
Description/other: She has very pale skin, almost white. She’s very thin, and delicately built. She looks unhuman. Her eyes are slightly slanted, and they’re pale grey. She has short, spiky, platinum blonde hair. She’s a basic healer, too, and works with herbs etc. Her ears are slightly pointed, and she’s a little smaller than most humans- around 5 ft, maybe a little more. She may sound like an elf, but she’s not- she’s a Nightling. She sees well in the dark, and is very stealthy if no one can see her... Her family were cast out by the Nightling lord, and they have a personal vendetta against him now. They took some herbs they weren’t entitled to from the forest of the Nightling Lord, and hunted there. If they ever got a chance, they’d happily destroy him and his domain.
Family Tree and connections: The only people she had any connections to who have been around on the forum are Terraea- her second cousin, best friend, and working partner- and Rokam, the dragon she used to ride.
Cause of Death: Yarri was eaten by Syntribos and, to a lesser extent, Azenth, in a swamp. Rokam was present, but unable to defend her.

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Yarri the Nightling
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