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 Rose Axelheim

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PostSubject: Rose Axelheim   Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:19 pm

Name: Rose Axelheim (In her trade she's simply referred to as Axel.)
Age: 97 but actually looks to be 30-ish. Born on February 10th, 2612.
Gender: Female
Picture: Picture Here
Type Of Person: Bounty Hunter - Elf
Relation To Any Dragons: No
Likes/Dislikes: Rose isn't exactly known for spelling out what makes her tick, but a little insight: if you give her whiskey you've got a drinking buddy, hire her often and pay her well and you've got something similar to loyalty, double-cross her or violate her personal space, home or otherwise, and you're a dead gutted duck. Ask a certain sea serpent that tried to kill her- oh wait you can't she made it into a pair of boots! (evil laugh)

Description: When away on business, Rose wears lots of dark colors so as not to be conspicuous, but out and about of her own volition she's a bit more noticeable and a good deal more friendly.

Somehow or another over the years Rose developed a rather. . .outrageous cajun accent. If you can understand anything she's saying, it's a bloody miracle. When she isn't working she's a rather bright woman, friendly and typically smiling. To compliment this "southern-bayou" label she's garnered a bit of a reputation as a sorceress, but this is hearsay and nothing more (not like she'd let that slip since it means people steer clear of her property). She comes off as eccentric and a bit of a loon, but really it's just her ways of the world. Originally from the Isle Triad, though you'll never hear her talking about where she grew up, and having spent her childhood with a loving family; her teens and early adult life were Hell on earth.

From there it was all downhill till about her 50s with a forced marriage, later becoming a widow when he passed away, and a miscarriage before she finally had enough and moved away (not all of this happened in her 50s, it was all finally over by that point). In regards to the marriage, she spent between 20 and 30 years paired with an abusive thug. When he was home she was beaten for slipping up the slightest bit. She has one or two homes outside the one she keeps in the swamplands south of Calaina, one being a library near Harglen and the other is a small place in Kaionar where she stays for 'business trips'. The library mainly consists of books on medicine and magic, but new things get added when she isn't around, which is quite a lot since she's not fond of Harglen. Her little business shack in the crime capital has been shut down in favor of a place that won't get raided every night or torn down and never properly rebuilt.

Other: Little known fact she can't swim. She's also allergic to roses (how ironic) and dust. She's slowly regained the use of magic after a serious head injury in her teens. She's not too fond of using it though, prefers using her own strength to fight.
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Rose Axelheim
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