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 Mia (human... mostly)

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PostSubject: Mia (human... mostly)   Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:19 pm

Name: Mia
Age: maybe 4-6 years old, Vayu doesn't really know exactly
Likes: bubbles, Vayu's ornaments, pretty towns, and lemonade
Dislikes: loud people
Description: A small kid with soft brown eyes and short blonde hair. Vayu found her after a disaster, and since no one was left to take care of her, he did. Now she's like his little sister. He still wonders, though, if no one was left in the kingdom, how did she survive? She has a blue sun dress she likes to wear, and refuses to wear anything else unless it's another blue dress. Brown shoes.
Other: Although she hasn't exactly had the same life as other children, she seems to act a little strange sometimes.
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Mia (human... mostly)
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