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 Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human)

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Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human)   Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 9:18 pm

Foen Ekhart
Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human) Tumblr_lvxaonjDdy1qfx5ibo1_500
.:There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium:.

Foen Ekhart at your service.
I am 20 years old, with my birthday sitting on the 26th August 2688.
I come from Racksom, although I don’t live there all the time.

.:And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium:.

You might be able to see I am male.
And I’m a sorcerer. No, that’s not the same as a wizard or a mage.
I study at the Northern Academy, near Didienne.
I do not like these adventures people always seem to be going off on.
In my spare time, I read books and concoct potions.

.:And nickel, neodymium, neptunium, germanium:.

I’ll be taking credit for that rascal Zack. I was the one who made him.
You might call us family, for that.
I also have a big sister, called Risis.
We get along pretty well.
As for other girls though… well… I mean, we get along
But my taste isn’t quite like other peoples’ and…
Alright, I’ll just say it, I’m not interested.

.:And iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium:.

I did live in Racksom, but that’s changed with the SR invasion.
Zack stuck cutlery to my ceiling in that house.
Thankfully I was away studying at the time everything went pear-shaped.
Now I live at the northern academy, so I can study magic.
Dragons, you say? They’re alright, mostly. Apart from Zack, who’s a pain in the ass.

.:These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard:.

Don’t look at me like that. Foen is short for a man at 5’7, averagely built. His hair is quite pale blond, and comes down just below his eyes in a constantly-messy fashion. Most of the time it looks like he’s literally just jumped out of bed. His face is quite boyish in shape, his nose a little crooked from where he broke it once. His eyes are maroon-coloured, the most unusual thing about him. He has no notable scars. He does his very best to fit in with the scholarly crowd at the Academy, wearing long, dark maroon robes (they match his eyes, you see) with only the lightest of patterns. His shoes are short and slightly pointed upwards at the ends. If he ever finds himself venturing outside, he will wear a cloak against the cold, but only if he remembers, which isn’t often. He is never without his beige wizard’s hat, that purportedly makes him ten times smarter, and keeps away bees.

I’m more than just a pretty face. Absent-minded, officious, clever, disorganised, blunt, fastidious, thoughtful.
Officious: Foen loves to take charge, and have other people doing things for him. Perhaps he just likes to have menial tasks done for him so he can concentrate on his studies. Perhaps he really knows what’s going on. Who knows.
Clever: With all the reading he does, Foen knows a lot about magic, potions and Dragons’ Cove. For all his intelligence though, he sorely lacks in common sense.
Blunt: If something needs saying, Foen’ll say it, even if it’s not in his best interests or isn’t sweet for the ears.
Fastidious: Although he is a picky eater, his fastidiousness comes out in other aspects too. Some days he will hate the colour yellow, or he might not be able to stand the cold at all, or will refuse to talk to anybody on the justification he is ‘thinking very hard, and cannot be disturbed’.
Thoughtful: This seems a strange combination with blunt, but Foen is actually very caring over others, and will always do what’s best, whether it be awkward comforting or telling them how things are.

I like to collect things. The most important things Foen owns is his wizard’s hat, and the tomes he studies every day. He also has a large brown bag that he uses to cart around potions, medicines and the like.

Interesting things

  • Potions
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Books
  • Didienne library
  • Comfy armchairs
  • Brandy
  • Butterflies

Much less interesting

  • Showy magic users
  • Intense sunshine
  • Earthworms
  • Being interrupted
  • Horses
  • Social events
  • Drawing

.:And there may be many others but they haven't been discovered:.

Life scroll. Foen grew up in Racksom as the younger of two siblings in a respectable family. He took a keen interest in the world around him growing up, especially when he discovered the inexhaustible knowledge held within books. At ten he was hailed a prodigy for the way he drunk up any sort of learning with insatiable enthusiasm (although, so would any child that actually put effort into school and took a little bit of notice to what was being taught). Although not popular by any standard, unlike his older sister, he was perfectly happy surrounded by books. At eleven, he broke his nose falling down a small flight of stairs reading a book- he was so busy trying to protect the precious tome in his fall that his face took the brunt of the damage instead. Later he was furious to find that he had bled on the top of the pages and they were all now marked with a grim brown stain.
By the time he was fifteen, he had developed a taste for magic and potionmaking, but was quickly running out of reading material. For all the wealth his family had (a fair amount, his father ran a popular jewellery stall catering to the finest of tastes within Racksom), he could not afford to buy all the books he longed for. The booksellers of the city cottoned onto his attempts to use their shops as a library after a couple of months, and much to his dislike he was watched closely by most of the disgruntled shopkeepers when he inevitably appeared.
He became frustrated with such a situation, but did not know what to do about it. There was the option of becoming a partner in his father’s business, but it did not appeal to him in the slightest. Nor did any of the women that visited it after a brief stint minding the stall, despite success with his meagre flirtation skills. No, it was quite clear, he was not interested in relations with a woman.
In the end, his saving grace came when he was kicked out of his chosen bookshop of the week, by an angry shopkeeper who had had quite enough of his ‘tomfoolery’, and told him to “go and make a pest of yourself up at the academy, they have books you can read for free”. Coincidentally, the book he had been reading had actually been on the academy, and it sounded like heaven. He returned home full of excitement, his mind set on leaving for the place as soon as possible.
His parents were unimpressed, but after a week of Foen moping around the house with doom and gloom on his every breath, they relented. He set off to the Northern Academy with the greatest of haste.

The Northern Academy was everything he expected and more. Books, magic, those who were similarly minded, it was absolute perfection. For all his learning back in Racksom, and his early titles of a literary genius, he quickly found he was far from the best scholar in the Academy, but kept his pretentious self-esteem all the same, drinking up books and knowledge like there was no tomorrow. He did not much care that he was not the best, nor even the second best, as long as he could be surrounded by knowledge and could do as he pleased. In his spare time (which mostly was that time allotted to sleeping, but he sometimes forgot about that), he liked to experiment, digging through the oldest of papers to one day find one on ‘scroll dragons’. It took him a good few months, but late one night te little paper dragon Zack opened his eyes to the world. After that the little dragon became a bit of a full time job for Foen, what with his tendency for mischief.

It was during one of his midnight study sessions back in Racksom during the summer that he was called out to help Armeno and Kassandra. The pair had been wounded by Tabri, and after patching up Armeno with his rudimentary kit, he brought the pair back to his house for them to properly recuperate. Zack and Ciqala also met up at his house, which meant the sorcerer was suddenly occupied with keeping four people out of trouble- something he didn’t quite manage. Ciqala and Zack managed to keep it together pretty well, but Kassandra and Armeno… well, neither left his home happy.

Soon after the city of Racksom was invaded by the Surahnian Rebels, but Foen was lucky enough to be out of the city at the time.

There’s more than one.
A chance encounter
Mystery of the Godless Forest

Friends and acquaintances.


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Foen Ekhart- .:A library in his head:. (Human)
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