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 Mahlyenki Dyavol {Dynamite comes in small bundles}

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PostSubject: Mahlyenki Dyavol {Dynamite comes in small bundles}   Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:19 pm

Name: My full name is Mahlyenki Dyavol, but I go by Dyavol (dee-a-vohl)

Age: 28, although I probably look older. Certain... experiences age a dragon...

Birthday: September 12th, 3681

Gender: Iím a little disgusted that you had to ask, but I am a male.

Picture: https://2img.net/h/i108.photobucket.com/albums/n34/DarkSeroph/DC%20Sprites/ButterflyM.jpg

Type Of Dragon: Iím a butterfly dragon, but donít mistake me for one of those harmless insects.

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: I have no relation to any non-dragon, thank goodness, and hopefully soon no one will.

Likes/Dislikes: I like pain. Preferable that of non-dragons, and even then Iím fairly non-discriminative towards whom I hurt. However, I must admit that I have a slight paranoia about fly swatters and tightly-furled scrolls, and I cannot stand insects, or the fact that I get mistaken for one of those disgusting things.

Description: You will notice that my wings are tattered and warped at the edges from various injuries (most of which were inflicted by humans). I also have five formidable steel spikes pressed through my tail (just donít tell anyone that they are just pins stolen from the dressmakerís stall). I have sharp claws and teeth, and you donít want to mess with me.

Other: Iím probably less powerful that the other members of the ME, but I can think just as gruesome thoughts. However, I probably have as much reason to hate the non-dragons as any of the others. After all, not only did they destroy my home through their thoughtlessness, but they are responsible for the death of my mate, my dear Alyin. The sight of that rolled up scroll crushing her will never leave meÖ

I am a member of the righteous Maledictus Eice, and have been since Alyin was stolen from me several years ago.

I hail from Caspan, but the place haunts me now. I refuse to stay there, and yearn to see it burnt to the ground when Maledictus Eice purges the place of human filth.

There was once a time that I was known as Lyenki, but those close close enough to have known me by that name are dead now. That kinder side of me is gone. Some would call me psychotic, but to me this is strength.

Size: By your standards, Iím tiny, but remember that dynamite comes in small bundles...

Oh, and as you ask, my font colour will be green.

My luffy characters:

Dragons: CelŲlas Dyavol Ithelle Llarria Measle Oceianna Raffietti
Non-dragons: Eliza Feuerzauber Jackdaww Rhys
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Mahlyenki Dyavol {Dynamite comes in small bundles}
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