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 Arcania (Shapeshifter)

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PostSubject: Arcania (Shapeshifter)   Arcania (Shapeshifter) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2011 6:33 pm

Name: Arcania
Age: 25 (05/13)
Gender: Female
Picture: None yet
Type Of Person: Human shapeshifter. (Hawk)
Relation To Any Dragons: None yet, but open. Assuming, of course, she can find one that is willing to put up with her.

Likes: People who have a brain, especially if they leave her alone. Getting her way. Being in control.
Dislikes: People who bug her and behave like idiots. Having power taken away from her. Not having a say in things. Having to follow someone she doesn't want to.

Description: Arcania really does not play well with others. She is temperamental and rude at the best of times and at worst is downright violent. She won't think twice about attacking someone if she thinks it will help her get her way or get them out of it. However she isn't the best fighter in the world so it would be easy for just about anyone to overpower her, which means Arcania generally refers to her quick wits and sharp tongue to get people to do what she wants. Playing games with others is one of her favorite past-times, and she does it exceptionally well. If need be she can make herself look like a damsel in distress or your worst nightmare, it just depends on what she is doing.

Her tenacity and determination know no bounds. Arcania is not one to give up even if there is nothing else she can do and nowhere else she can go. She prides herself on being able to work her way out of any situation, no matter how dire it might be. Even if she has to completely demean herself by begging for her life to be spared she can do it and has done so before. It kills her inside but she manages it, and honestly sounds sincere. Just don't turn your back on her afterwards or you'll see the anger and revulsion in her eyes when you turn back after she attacks you. Never, ever, turn your back on her if you can help it.

The only people that avoid her attitude are those who she comes to respect. Usually these people are just as dark as her or are noticeably more powerful. They might not even know she respects them, but it will be apparent in her civil attitude and willingness to let them lead. The only men she allows to hang around her are those who are completely sovergn to her or those who can stand on their own against her. Who have proven to her that there is a darkness inside them. Perhaps she would allow someone kindhearted to try to win her (if only for the amusement of watching most likely), but it is doubtful that anyone with that sort of personality would want to anyway! The only women she allows around her are those who prove to be as strong if not stronger than she is, because weak women annoy her to no end. She might, however, be persuaded to take such a woman under her wing so that she could help them be stronger and more outgoing.

Other: She wouldn't be opposed to finding a dragon and/or a man, it just isn't easy for her to get along with anyone for long enough to find one unless they are as much of an outgoing cutthroat as she is.
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Arcania (Shapeshifter)
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