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 Atoro Reimeghan- .:A lucky name:. (Human)

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PostSubject: Atoro Reimeghan- .:A lucky name:. (Human)   Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:49 pm

Atoro Reimeghan

.:Look out for burning buildings:.

Atoro Reimeghan, the king’s Tactician.
Some call me the Snake.
I am 30 years of age. My birth date is the 28th September 2678.
I come from the noble country of Surahnia.

.:And villains who pillage, they’re killin’ by the millions:.

I am a man.
And I rank highly in the Surahnian Rebels. Specifically, I am the Tactician.
I know how to fight, I can use a sword. In Surahnia, I learnt to hunt, and can use a bow.
I wear a gold braid on my right arm, as I am a high-ranked official. I also wear a black braid, for valour.
I spend much of my time working on official business in my room.
I write in Light Slate Grey ink.

.:The city looks so pretty, do you want to burn it with me?:.

I left my family behind a long time ago. They are dead. I know this for a fact.
This is the fault of Lahrukan scum.
Friends are only distractions. I do not have many here.
Less so, lovers.
I will not be fooled by pretty girls again…

.:I will not die in the night but in the light of the sun:.

I have private rooms in the Palace at Racksom, given by Lord Straten.
There is no true home for me on Dragons’ Cove.
This land is so different from Surahnia. The natives, they are weak. They do not appreciate the Surahnian Rebels’ work.
As for dragons, they are little more than animals, at best.

.:With the ashes of this world in mylungs:.

What are you looking at. Atoro has all the characteristics of a Surahnian- dark black hair cut short, bright blue eyes and unhealthily pale skin. He is 5’10. Sometimes he forgets to shave, when he has been locked in his room working, and ends up with a little light stubble. His build is that of an athlete, with strong arms from training and fighting. The most notable scars he has are a small curved one on his right upper arm (from back in Surahnia), and a largish set of scars on his chest (where he was recently electrocuted by Rintho). He normally wears grey shirts with sleeves, a black sleeveless jacket over the top. On his forearms, he has dark leather bracers. He doesn’t wear a cloak, just extra warm layers if it’s cold. Calf-length boots and dark grey trousers for easy movement are the rest of his chosen clothing. He is unconcerned with appearance, and as such, his clothes are mostly unadorned, just a small Surahnian crest on one sleeve. As for weapons, he has two small, easily concealed daggers, one hidden at the back of his waist, the other in view. He also has his rapier, which has a little history to it, now.

As a Surahnian, his accent can be compared to a Russian accent.

Don’t test me… Determined, flighty/fickle, possessive, afraid of attachment, driven, proud and vicious.
Possessive: He hates to share his things- especially his maps, he keeps them in pristine condition, and acts drastically if anyone even cares to touch them.
Proud: Atoro does not like to be doubted. If he is, he tries to prove a person wrong, fixing up a web that is difficult to get free of. As such, he has come to view himself as above most others, except those who consistently prove themselves as his peers.
Loyal: Incredibly loyal to Surahnia, he is against anyone who speaks ill of his country. He is loyal to the SR and Zartear, but not so much his comrades, or those soldiers below him. He will break this loyalty to further his own goals- but do not be deceived, he dislikes losing men in war, despite being willing to sacrifice them otherwise.
Cruel: Under pressure, he becomes demanding and harsh, wanting and expecting perfect results. If they are not, or results are produced slowly, he can be sharp-tongued. If he is wronged, he can be cruel to the extreme.
Manipulative: Whoever he comes across, he will use his silver tongue and as many underhand techniques as he knows to pin them in a corner and get what he wants. Veiled insults are his favourite weapon, and he always tries to deny them if caught.
Little wonder his nickname is “the Snake”.

He is very observant in new places, especially in orientating himself. He tends to subconsciously check for exits and danger wherever he is, a habit learnt in Surahnia, and is also unwilling to take food or drink from those he does not know well.

Enickism is his chosen religion, but he does not strongly believe in it. Of the three Enicks, he is most strongly affiliated to the War Father, with his more aggressive ways than the Willow Mother. Truth be told, he doubts her a little.

He is a sex god.


  • Poisons
  • Maps!
  • Tarts (Pastry, not woman)
  • Reading
  • Being left alone
  • Training at archery/fencing in the evenings
  • Surahnians

I think not.

  • Rintho. Go away.
  • Pulling all-nighters, although he does this anyway
  • Being disturbed
  • Yuzan
  • Thinking of the past, in Surahnia
  • Being manipulated

.:Bring the world to its knees, do you wanna burn it with me?:.

Speak of the past. Before the Lahruka invasion, the Reimeghans were a middle-class family, not wanting for necessities, but lacking extravagancies. Atoro’s family died at the hands of the Lahrukans; his mother was 38, his father 42 and at least one sister (21). He was the younger sibling. When the Lahrukans ruined his homeland with a plague spell, Atoro was 10 years old. This lasted about a decade, then the Lahrukans issued a declaration; any Surahnians willing to accept peace could live in their cities, unharmed. After battling it out against poverty following the Lahrukans’ plague spell, Atoro’s family decided to take up their offer. He was 19. Atoro accompanied them close to the other country, until he made a split decision and left for Surahnia, unnerved by the Lahrukans’ generous offer.  His parents were displeased, but his father said nothing; his mother was furious. He lost all good reputation with his family, he kept his life- when the Reimeghans reached Lahruka, they were slaughtered in cold blood, with thousands of others.

Atoro made his way deeper into Surahnia again, scraping by for a few months here and there at whatever shanty town he came across (during which time he turned 20), moving on when things got too bad to bear. He, like everyone else, knew that the Lahrukans had destroyed Surahnia, but did not know they were also killing his kinsmen, burning them in mass graves. Slowly a grudge, a wish for revenge against the Lahrukans grew within him- he didn’t know how to execute it, but he just wanted some sort of shot to shock the Surahnians out of their beaten down lives and rebel. In time, he saw the best way was to try and rescue some of those who had been taken to Lahruka as slaves; they would spread the news once they were freed, and an uprising would begin. But of course, he couldn’t do such things alone… he came across a man who also wanted to free those taken to Lahruka, a one Rette.
Things did not go well. Instead of rescuing those poor souls from Lahruka, the pair watched them burn. The words of the plague mage will forever haunt his mind, today the honour is mine, the privilege is yours...- as will the image of Rette being dragged away by Lahrukans and tossed to the flames. Atoro escaped.
At the time, he wished he too were dead.

In the years that followed, he roamed widely, meeting Evgenii in a small backwater when he was 20, then again when he was about 25. The pair of them travelled to the Rebels together, Evgenii hopeful of a better future, and towing the initially reluctant Atoro. Whilst Evgenii began in a place of power, Atoro slowly rose to one far above him, reaching his peak when they both travelled to Dragons’ Cove with the Surahnian Rebels. Their friendship lasted though, and Evgenii has become quite the doting subject to the king’s new Tactician.

Things were not an easy ride for Atoro however. He met with Rintho, who was to give him “Charis” poison. A powerful object such as that was never going to be easily gained though, and Rintho tried to run from Atoro the first time he asked; the second he could not run as they were dragonback, but evaded him again by a foolish move that found him falling to the ground, many feet below. Atoro again caught up though, and after a chase through the streets of Kaionar, caught the lich.
He did not receive his poison however, as Rintho thwarted him once again, electrocuting him and leaving him for dead. Atoro still bears the scars. Rintho also took his rapier as an extra memento of the “adventure”.

When he returned to Racksom, he was made the Tactician, a promotion celebrated with Evgenii the next morning, who brought him tarts for breakfast (pastry, not woman). A shame that Atoro could not have it easy from there on. He had summoned Rintho, who turned up the day after, had his rapier returned to him, his precious map of Surahnia stolen from him, and became thoroughly frustrated with the lich, who did not quite promise to steal a part of the lightning stone for him… but one should hope he would.

He then had Yuzan quite literally stumble over him- an event that distracted his mind from Rintho for a single night with some questionable activities, but then was denied any more happiness with the reveal of her Lahrukan heritage. He scarred her face with the mark of Surahnia, and ordered her imprisonment in the palace. Later that week a tactics meeting took place, in which the officials planned to move on Jiluria.

A few days after, tensions ran high between himself and Evgenii as the man discovered Yuzan and Atoro’s illicit activities, and Atoro discovered Evgenii’s less-than-typical romantic sways.

In order…
June 13th- 18th; These things we do for power
June 19th- 23rd; Atoro travels back from Kaionar, reaches Racksom late afternoon
June 24th; Rising in the ranks
June 25th; Evgenii decides to bring Atoro tarts (pastry, not woman) for breakfast.
June 26th; Bargaining is a game that works two ways
June 27th- 28th; Lahrukans aren’t that easy to spot after all
July 1st; Look sharp, take note
July 5th; Lahrukans aren’t that easy to spot after all- Yuzan is given her orders.
Surahnian tactics is an artform
July 6th- 8th; And who am I to judge you?

I do not need the help of others.

Andyr Hildr (Swordsmaster, antagonist)
Dekhovra Knix (Acquaintance)
Evgenii Adroa (Friend *You little sh--)
Khonsu Nut Sokar (Acquaintance)
Lourna Krishnev (Irritation)
Rette Straten (Deceased friend)
Rintho Jurhaz (Complete annoyance)
Siofra (Second Bowmaster, acquaintance)
Yuzan Feneck (Captive)
Zartear Straten (King)


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Atoro Reimeghan- .:A lucky name:. (Human)
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