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 Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon)

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Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon) Empty
PostSubject: Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon)   Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 8:46 pm

The man entered the tavern he'd been sent the address too. He was cursing his boss for making him do this, but he had agreed to interview anyone who was interesting enough to spark someone's fancy. Sitting back in a lone corner sat his interviewy. The female pirate that made quite a story. The terms of this interview were simple. She chose the place, there were only 10 questions asked, and no authority was involved in the repayment no one touched the interviewer. The man walked towards her fearfully, his eyes wide in a small bit of terror. The pirate sat back with two legs of the chair on the ground and her feet up on the table. She twirled a butterfly knife in her hand easily. An air of comfidence seemed to flow around her. The man paused infront of her. "Hello," he said managing to swallow his fear.

"Ahoy," she said with a pleasant smile. The man was unnerved by this for some reason. He sat down. "Shall ye start?" she asked with a gleam in her eyes the man found he couldn't place.

"Um... Sure.." He shifted his possition and focused on the actual interview now. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Me name ye'd ask?"
she repeated with a smile. The man nodded. "Nicolett. Captain Nicolett of the Flaming Seas. That be all ye'd need to know bout me."

The man swallowed hard deciding in his best judgment not to push a last name from the pirate. "How old are you captain?"

"An age ye seek?"
She was quiet for a moment then smiled pleasantly again, giving the man a chill down his spine. "I be 23, born on the 24th of March," she said, but her tone made the man think she was hiding something behind that.

The man looked a little embarassed at the next question he'd been told to ask. "My apologies for this, but for the recording's sake, are you male or female?"

"He or she?"
Nicolett laughed softly, and it seemed to be a sweet and quiet laugh. Unfitting of the grizzily tavern they were currently in. "I be a she."

The man nodded. "Yes, of course." He looked back down at the little note card he had on which were the questions he'd been told to ask. "An odd request, but would you happen to have a picture of yourself? For the paper's services only of course."

"A picture me harty?"
She looked around for a moment, then pulling back her short green overcoat, she revealed a small pocket. From which, she produced a picture of herself taken when she was in front of a burning building. Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon) Ashleyspirate "Here ye are," she said slidding it across the table to the man. He took it and put it away with a simple "Thank you."

The man read the next question and looked back up at her. "Can you tell me what type of person you are?"

"Who be I?"
Nicolett was quiet for a moment, thinking that over. "I be a pirate sir, and a damned good one at that.

The man looked back down to the cards and read more of the questions on there. "Four more..." he paused for a moment. "Do you have a companion, like a dragon?"

"A beast of the Seas?"
she asked. Eyes seemed to glow from the shadows behind her at the question and she smiled at the man. "Ah yes, ye be talkin bout me Shade Runner? He be named Amaraciune." The eyes appeared to the man to have blinked, so he looked away from them hurriedly.

Looking back up from the card he asked his next question in rather a rush. "What do you like and dislike?"

"What I have a fancy to and what belongs to Davey Jones?"
A cruel smile lit her lips at this question. "I fancy fire. Sailing, pilaging, murder, games, and course doing whatever I wish be me likes. As for those things that be better off in with Davey Jones, I'd have to say authority and those that be all goody goody. Lastly, anything that be stupid enough to get on my nerves."

The man gulped with an audible sound and Nicolett giggled softly at him, her mood which had just been dark seemed to be lighter and bubbley once more. "How about a Description of yourself?"

"An explanation of me?"
she repeated. "Well, you know I be a pirate," she said, But there be other things bout me no one be ware of. A secret oh mine that which few may know." She reached over and silenced the recording for a moment and for her next words. The man leaned towards her. "I be a demon sir," she said. "A wolf in lamb's clothing." She gave a smile and he could seem her canines were sharper and longer than normal. Her eyes more like cat's eyes, yet that was only a flash in them he wasn't sure he saw.

The man shivered as they both leaned back and she let the recording play again. He wasn't sure he wanted to ask any more questions of the girl. He was sure he wanted to be as far away from her as possible though. "Anything else you care to share?" he asked. Then after a second he added, "We'll make this my last question instead of ten."

"Anything other aye?"
Nicolett was silent for about thirty seconds in which the man shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Hm, my ship's name be Flaming Seas, and I be a tri swordswomen. That be two things. Another, I rather like the night. Wonder why ye be?" she asked. From her pocket she produced a feather that looked like a crow's. She handed it to the man and smiled. "Maybe on another night ye might see why."

The man thanked her after taking the feather. Although he was confused, he still had no intention of asking the last question and hurridly left. He wouldn't be heading back anytime soon he was sure. Nor would he ever hope to run into Captain Nicolett ever again.



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Nicolett, Captain of Flaming Seas (Demon)
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