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 Dawn Anderson (Shapeshifter)

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PostSubject: Dawn Anderson (Shapeshifter)   Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:10 pm

Name: Dawn Anderson
Age: 23 (2/12)
Gender: Female
Picture: None yet
Type Of Person: Human shapeshifter. (Mouse)
Relation To Any Dragons: Taya

Likes: People who can see her for who she really is, as she often hides her personality. Being out in nature where it is quiet and peaceful.
Dislikes: People who try to push her around. Being in the city where it is noisy and crowded.

Description: Dawn is incredibly quiet and shy, not one to simply walk up to someone and start a conversation. She hates being in crowds or around noisy people, as they tend to make her nervous and get on her nerves. That's why she spends most of her free time in the woods or somewhere else quiet, though she is trying to get out more lately because she knows she won't make any friends if she hides away all the time. Besides that she wants to start to trust people again.

Once you get to know her Dawn is incredibly friendly and helpful, willing to do anything to help a friend. She is very loyal, never one to betray a person's trust or leave when they need her. Or even if they don't. Dawn always tries to help people, even when they might not want it, which can cause her to annoy those who prefer to do things on their own. If anyone was to get angry at her for it she would feel terrible and guilty.

However, with all the trust she places in her friends, she expects them to treat her well and with respect. If they don't or they betray her, she will completely exclude that person (or people) from her life and never speak to them again. She can probably be convinced to give a person a second chance because of her kind nature, but trust will be difficult to get back and if it is broken again there will never be another chance.

Sometimes she has panic attacks that can range in severity from full body shaking to full out uncontrollable screaming. Usually she can feel them coming and excuse herself from the public eye, but they really scare her when they happen so she is a bit of a wreck afterwards for any period of time between an hour and a day depending on how bad the attack was. Either way she prefers to keep her attacks secret and generally wants to be left alone during and after one.

Despite preferring to be alone for the most part, there are times when Dawn gets very clingy and will want to spend as much time with her friends as she can. The amount that she acts this way towards a person depends on how well she knows them and how much she trusts them. If there's no one in her life that she feels she can trust enough to show them that side of her she will resort to locking herself away in her room to keep from being an annoyance to her friends. She'll still feel incredibly guilty about needing someone that much anyway, and will no doubt apologize repeatedly to whoever she happens to be clinging to emotionally. Unless it's Taya who is completely used to her attitude and doesn't care what she does one way or another.

Other: "I think I like Lutis but please oh please don't tell him! Seriously Taya, don't! Get back here you infernal dragon!"

A fact that she doesn't know, because such a thing hasn't been heard of yet, is that her panic attacks stem from PTSD, a disorder she got after being attacked by a group of people when first venturing out into the world. She is slowly getting over this but being trapped in dangerous situations will more often than not trigger an attack.
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Dawn Anderson (Shapeshifter)
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