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 Vespira-Lost, Found, Better off Forgotten (Human) (Reworking)

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Vespira-Lost, Found, Better off Forgotten (Human) (Reworking) Empty
PostSubject: Vespira-Lost, Found, Better off Forgotten (Human) (Reworking)   Vespira-Lost, Found, Better off Forgotten (Human) (Reworking) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 2:48 am

Vespira is a shy girl that keeps to herself, so she really doesn't express much of likes or dislikes. You could say she likes to be left alone, but in reality there are three things she likes more than anything else. Her brother, her horse, and peace. She hates fighting and she hates people getting hurt, however she really has no choice in her actions.

She has a crush on Vannelson, but she doesn't think much will happen of it because of how their fates are. He's a warrior of SR, and she's only a female caught in the ranks.

She looks like the picture with a short skirt on and shoes. Her hair is light blonde and her eyes are clear blue

Basic Information
Name: Vespira Ganlit
--Nickname: Ves
---Special Title: N/a
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Human


Character Information
Class: Rich
Birth: July 4th
Loyalty: SR
Place of Birth: Harglen
Residence: With SR
Abilities: Vespira is a Mage who specializes in Water, Air, and Light magic. She's also a great Healer. While her water magic works best with water nearby, she can conjure it up. As for her healing, Vespira touches a person and immediately can find all injuries that they're afflicted with, big or small. Her healing magic travels from her palms through a person, and as she find the injuries it starts to heal them. After years of practice of healing people, the drain on her energy is very minimal no matter what magic she uses. Being so used to her magic in general, she uses it almost every day, and hardly notices when she does. However, she doesn't flaunt her magic around. Thus, no one really knows that she can use it, nor how powerful she can be with it.

Character Background
History: Vespira was born on July 4th, in the town of Harglen. Her parents were wealthy, despite their occupations, and she lived in a papered lifestyle. Her family consisted of her mother, her father, and her older brother, Akar. Her mother was a painter, who created beautiful pieces. Her father made hunting weapons for those in other towns as well as their own. Her brother, who is four years older than she, would often be with their father or outside pretending to hunt. Vespira on the other hand would stick close to her mother.

When Ves was three years old, she would join her father and brother on the trips to Tarz. It was on her first trip that she actually met a little horse she’d named Sorrahkin. So taken with her, was the horse, that her father bought it for her. She loved that horse, and would often teach it everything she knew about the world. Including pointing out things on the maps. The horse even seemed to understand the maps itself.

Along with getting her horse, Ves was allowed to play with Akar and his two friends, Canice and Tsuna. They’d run amuck through Tarz, playing in shops and messing with people. They’d often tip over displays in the shoe stores when they ran through playing tag or hide and go seek. The man who owned the store was never very happy about that. The best part was just getting to hang out with her brother. He’d been very protective of her, and Canice was always nice. She didn’t really like Tsuna, mostly because Tsuna didn’t really like her.

Life was good for Vespira, until the night of her father’s death. It was late, and he had to make a trip into Tarz. He never came back, and no one could tell them exactly what happened. The delivery was never made, and he was never found. Vespira got quiet from then on. She would laugh so much, or play so much. She just tried to help out as best she could. Akar got distant, and their mother seemed to stop caring. Her paintings were darker from then on. This went on over a couple of months. During this time, Vespira turned four, and Akar turned seven.

Things went from bad to worse when one afternoon two men showed up to the door. Vespira was outside with her brother playing in the flowers. She’d made a ring of them to stick on Akar’s head, and the two of them were laughing and playing. Their mother was painting them on the porch. When there came a knock on the door, Vespira didn’t think anything of it. Akar and their mother went to investigate while she kept playing. When everyone came back, they didn’t seem the same.

That night, a noise downstairs woke Ves up. Scared, she headed to Akar’s room, and woke him up. He told her to stay up stairs, but after a little bit, she went down the steps too. Upon reaching the bottom, she went into their mother’s studio to find her dead in the doorway. Frozen in fear, she didn’t have time to react when the man came at her from the side. Struggling to break from his grip, she started to yell for Akar. When she finally did see him, the other man knocked him out, and cut a long gash from his ear to his neck. Vespira screamed again, and then blacked out. When she awoke, it was to a completely different world.

Vespira from then on was traded to a cruel man who lives in Quinsilla. She grew up with him, being forced to do things that she’d never speak of again. Her life was hard and unjust, but she’d learned to grow quiet. To never cry, and to never allow the man to see the pain he was causing her. When the take over from SR happened, Vespira was given to the invaders as a gift to allow the man to keep his home and life. Vespira looked at this as a saving of her life, and now feels a debt to the king himself.

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Vespira-Lost, Found, Better off Forgotten (Human) (Reworking)
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