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 Anyylen - The Ballad of Blades (Elf)

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PostSubject: Anyylen - The Ballad of Blades (Elf)   Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:34 am

Name: Anyylen (Len for short)
Age: Late 20 - 30 (It's hard to tell with Elves)
Gender: Female (can't you tell?)
Type Of Person: Elf, Mercenary
Relation To Any Dragons: None
Likes/Dislikes: Her freedom, Swords and other killing things, Booze, Certain men, Music & poetry/ Other men, Not having money, Being tied down to places, Not having any work, Children
Description: Anyylen is out to prove that a woman can be both a Woman and a Warrior. Not a Woman Warrior, but both at different times. The place she grew up in saw many forms of fighting as a sort of art along with the other more 'Traditional' art forms. As such, those who trained to fight were expected to be well rounded artists, and would be encouraged to recite poetry, even while in battle. Her battle style is very graceful and almost like dancing. She also takes the phrase "your whole body must be a weapon" very, [i]very[/i} literally. She knows that most men fall for the female figure, and will not hesitate to use it to her advantage.
Other: As a mercenary, she doesn't have any alliances, other than to whoever offers her the highest wage. She kills who she needs to and doesn't form ties, though she's smart enough to act classy and respectful to those she needs to, and in such cases will quell her sarcastic streak for however long she needs to.
Weapons: For melee, she has a pair of bart jarm dao. (a type of short sword)
For ranged, she keeps a large set of chakram (the things she's spinning on her fingers in the picture) in a pack on her belt. When she's fighting, she arms three around her neck and five along each arm. Once she's used those, there are an extra pair she keeps in her pack for emergencies. She's magic'd them into always returning after being thrown. When she holds them, they produce a strong magical aura that can be felt by anyone with magic abilities who's nearby.
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Anyylen - The Ballad of Blades (Elf)
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