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 Nickolai -- {Just your average gentleman with a sword} (Human)

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Nickolai -- {Just your average gentleman with a sword} (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Nickolai -- {Just your average gentleman with a sword} (Human)   Nickolai -- {Just your average gentleman with a sword} (Human) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 10:21 pm

Name: Nickolai (Nick)
Age: 25 (1/5)
Gender: Male
Picture: None Yet
Type Of Person: Rider, Swordsman
Relation To Any Dragons: A Magpie named Arenia

Likes: Practicing his swordsmanship, getting to know people, traveling, trying new things.
Dislikes: Actually fighting, disrespectful people, when a room goes quiet just because he walked in. (Not that this happens often, usually only in small towns, which is probably why he hates it so.)

Nickolai could be used as a poster child for the perfect gentleman stereotype. He is eternally kind and polite to other people, especially women, and will do everything he can to help and protect them. Playing a 'knight in shining armor' comes second hand to him, and is a guise he has claimed on more than one occasion. He adores children and dragons alike, and can generally get along with other people quite well. The only exceptions to this are people who are rude to others (not necessarily to him because he doesn't care what other people think or say about him) or those who find it funny to hurt others. Nick knows accidents happen and he can forgive that, but if it is on purpose... watch out.

He will protect those around him with his life, and if anything happens to them that he thinks he could have prevented he will be incredibly despondent and not very likely to leave their side until they are either up and moving around again or have received the proper burial ceremony. He loathes himself in a way for not being able to protect people in the past and that makes him nervous to have to watch out for people now. As much as Nick tries to help people he has a tendency to put himself in harm's way for them so that they don't end up there, because he can only take so many more people getting hurt on his watch before he snaps something in his mind.

Arenia keeps him sane for the most part and is a great help to him in watching out for people, and they have quite the symbiotic loving relationship going on between them. Still he sometimes needs to get away from her (and everyone else) to clear his head, which he knows she dislikes but is unable to help. He has to process things and usually feels better after he does so, which is good for the both of them.

The magpie is the only creature that he really has an emotional attachment to because he is afraid of getting to close to someone and watching them get hurt for some reason. Sometimes his life is rather dangerous and he doesn't want anyone to have to worry about him. Having Arenia do it almost constantly is bad enough, having a human do it would be even worse. So he doesn't have any lovers or close relationships despite the fact that he could get along with prettymuch anyone if he tried to. He's just afraid underneath all that armor and good guy persona. He's afraid he won't be good enough.

Appearance: He is 5'10" with short spiky brown hair and golden eyes. He has some muscle, but is far stronger than he looks because of all his sword practice. While he is by no means an expert, he can hold his own in a fight. Still, he has much to learn.

Arenia is his magpie dragon, and she is usually used as a lookout for him. She keeps an eye on the people and dragons around him to make sure they don't seem to be a threat, and is more than willing to run errands for him. She is seldom away from his side, and when she does get separated from him she becomes very distraught and will fly around chirping and squeaking in terror until she finds him, convinced something has happened to the poor man who then has to spend a considerable amount of time consoling her. She is incredibly affectionate towards him and will preen his hair or wander around his shoulders when she gets bored, which sometimes causes him to look like a bit of a spazz because she tickles him (especially when she tries to crawl down his shirt). She can speak telepathically and verbally, but often chooses not to because there is no need for it. Nickolai can understand her well enough without her needing to speak, so what is the point.

Overall she is a very intelligent, loyal, and caring little dragon who will do anything for her 'rider'.
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Nickolai -- {Just your average gentleman with a sword} (Human)
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