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 Silence "Revena" Firenza >Inhuman Yet Charming<

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Silence "Revena" Firenza >Inhuman Yet Charming< Empty
PostSubject: Silence "Revena" Firenza >Inhuman Yet Charming<   Silence "Revena" Firenza >Inhuman Yet Charming< Icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 1:24 am

Name: Revena "Silence" Firenza (She took on the name Silence when she wouldn't Geronimo her name, and partly as a joke she gave her "a name that needs no sound". Revena is her given name, but she sees no point in using it as hardly anyone but her parents ever called her that.)
Age: 20. Born on June 13th, 2690.
Gender: Female
Picture: Picture Here
Type Of Person: Gypsy/"Jack-Of-Trades"
Relation To Any Dragons: No
Happy Children
The Circus
Description: She's a fair lady by any stretch, but beware what you find when you see past her face. Aside from simple magic tricks she controls fire and creates it in small, usually non-lethal, amounts. Her long ebony hair and silver eyes lead most to believe she's from a very infamous family, despite the family being practically non-existent bar one or two individuals. Her back is covered in claw marks from a dragon attack when she was thirteen and lost her whole family to one dragon. She bears a gory scar on her shoulder from a devastating bite thanks to Fredrick the resident spider-boy in the circus.

She's impulsive and isn't used to being emotionless. Lately that's been on her list of things to learn: control her temper. Along with achieving this goal, courtesy of an assassin she picked up in Kaionar, she's taken off on several hair-brained whirlwind adventures. She's survived a tropical storm, found the home where she grew up, and gotten a glimpse of what life is like for a noble in Kaionar. In her opinion it's awful, but that's just her. The woman is highly opinionated and headstrong, but also overprotective and loyal to her dysfunctional, insane foster family.

Unknown to her she is distantly related to Deorwynn Xerceis, a cousin of some sort but as of yet no luck as to figuring out how close they are in blood. The poor girl found out rather harshly just what her family was like. Her father Zold lives in a house that she can't set foot in on her own or she'll burst into flame. Hearing her say it, it's the equivalent of the worst cycle-related emotional stress when magnified tenfold. Having a sister that she thinks is a total brat probably doesn't help her case, but she's since made progress with Rose, who is the epitome of a society child. Her heritage does in fact give her a pedigree, despite being a bastard child, Xerceis on her mother's side and Grimhart on the other.

Pedigree aside, Silence has spent nearly half her life working for a circus as a fire breather and lately as the ringmaster, since their previous one mysteriously disappeared. Either way business is going fairly well; a little roadblock here, or a hiccup there, but nothing too drastic. Yet.

Other: When her mother was young she was unfortunate enough to nearly be killed as a sacrifice by the Blood Elitists. Perhaps this is why a Tribal Battle Blood killed her family when Silence was thirteen?

Extra Magic Stuff: Silence was born with a little bit of talent for fire magic, but thanks to a crystal from the Azure Caves that little tidbit of power gets magnified on a regular basis, giving her a much broader horizon to work with.
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Silence "Revena" Firenza >Inhuman Yet Charming<
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