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 Rimegon ~ (A heartbroken Elf and Animal Tamer)

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Rimegon ~ (A heartbroken Elf and Animal Tamer) Empty
PostSubject: Rimegon ~ (A heartbroken Elf and Animal Tamer)   Rimegon ~ (A heartbroken Elf and Animal Tamer) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 9:56 pm

Name: Rimegon
Age: 150 (Looks 28) (12/26)
Gender: Male
Picture: (Optional)
Type Of Person: Elf, Animal Tamer
Relation To Any Dragons: Asrai, the shade runner at the circus, is the only dragon he comes anywhere close to getting along with, and even then it is rare that they get along well. (Through no fault of Asrai's of course, Rimegon just doesn't take well to dragons because of his past with them.)

Likes: Animals, nature,
Dislikes: Being left alone.Being pitied.

Description: Rimegon is tall, 5'10", with long blond hair that he often keeps back by braiding a few strands of hair together at the front and braiding them together at the back of his head. He has light blue eyes that sometimes seem gray in the right light. They also carry a great deal of sorrow in their depths, clear only to those who look for it.

Rimegon used to be a lot more upbeat and happy than he is now. He would spend hours conversing with animals in the forest to learn more about them and always had several tagging along after him wherever he went. When he wasn't with animals he was with other elves or humans, more often than not with Ril by his side. It was rare for elves to fall for each other like they did, but they really did adore each other and she made him quite happy.

After he lost Ril he became sullen and depressed for a long time, almost wasting away to nothing before he realized that wasn't what he wanted out of life because she would have been furious to see that he had just given up. So he tried to perk up and get back into his life, slowly drawing out of his shell again and returning to the world. Now he is often still quiet, taking orders and working without complaint. If he has something that needs to be said he will speak, but other than that he sees no point. People occasionally pity him, which he does not like because he understands that loss is a normal part of life, and has come to accept it. What is the point of feeling sorry for him? Especially when he also feels rather guilty for what happened to Ril.

He is eternally polite to people an animals, a very caring individual overall despite the fact that he isn't one to speak much. Rimegon offers more of a silent support than anything else, but he can always be depended upon. The only exception to this is (for obvious reasons) dragons. Now, he isn't going to abuse them or be rude to them or anything like that, but he does have a disliking for them and is incredibly wary around them. Asrai is the only one he can really get along with and even that relationship is strained at the best of times. He knows that not all dragons are bad and that they cannot be blamed for what happened to her, but he simply cannot help it because they remind him of what happened. Hopefully with time and more effort from Asrai this will change.

History: The only part of Rimegon's past that is truly important, at least in his mind anyway, is Ril. It took a while for him to see that he liked her, but once he did he fell completely in love with her. They spent several happy years together, but then he lost her in a tragic accident. A rogue dragon attacked them one day while they were walking in the woods, and before Rimegon could explain to him that they meant no harm Ril had been lost. For the longest time Rimegon refused to eat, mourning her loss. It took a while, but he eventually realized that it was not how she would have wanted him to live, so he forced himself to carry on. Needing something to keep himself occupied he joined the circus, using his abilities to work with the animals there.

Other: Rimegon can speak to animals, which helps him greatly in his job as an Animal Tamer for the circus.

**NOTE** Rimegon /can/ be gotten through to but it will take a while, so one would have to be dedicated. Also, if someone has a dragon they want to say was the one responsible for him losing Ril, that is fine too. Could be an interesting meeting. XD
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Rimegon ~ (A heartbroken Elf and Animal Tamer)
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