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 Mirage *--* Now you see me! Now you don't! *--*

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PostSubject: Mirage *--* Now you see me! Now you don't! *--*   Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:40 pm

Name: Mirage
Age: 23, born on August 24th 2686
Gender: Female
Picture: N/A
Type Of Dragon: Mist Hound :: Messenger
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: No

Likes/Dislikes: Likes to have company on rare occasions, keeping herself clean, and keeping destructive humans out of her territory. Dislikes when other creatures wander into her home uninvited, dragons claiming to be faster than her, humans who set painful traps for animals.

Description: While highly protective of her small little patch of marshland, she enjoys the company of others and occasionally gets a bit lonely. Her free time is usually spent on the hunt or keeping up an insane grooming routine. Her natural parenting skills are a bit hidden by her interesting sense of humor, most of it involving insulting others. (Might be why she doesn't have many friends, but who knows?) She's also very vain.

Adventure for Mirage is a very limited term considering she spends a good deal of her time running about in the swamps south of Calaina. The only trouble with that is that it's a lonely life among nothing but murky water and swamp creatures. It's crossed her mind more than once to leave and make something of herself, but as of yet it's gone nowhere. At some point she wants to put her "book learning" to use and visit the Academy. She's heard rumors about it and her curiosity might just best her. . .

Other: She likes to stargaze.
Size: Medium

If anyone wants to RP, ask away!
Groups, 1 x 1s, Plot: PLEASE

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Mirage *--* Now you see me! Now you don't! *--*
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