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 Kesia (Unicorn)

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PostSubject: Kesia (Unicorn)   Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:40 am



Picture coming here!

Name: Kesia (kee-zee-uh)
Age: 16
Birthday: 3rd May, 2693
Gender: Female
Type of person: Unicorn
Relation to any dragons: None
Likes: Being alone, forests, lakes, rivers, flowers
Dislikes: Animals, people, dragons,  loud noises, hunters, mud, sand, having to help others
Description: Kesia is essentially white, though her coat has a silvery shimmer to it. Her mane is long and slightly waved, the hairs finer than on a horse. She has cloven hooves and her tail is like a lion’s- long and thin, with short hair like on her body, and a tuft of hair like on her mane at the end. Similar tufts are on each of her fetlocks. The hair in her mane is more silvery that that of her body. She has the same basic build as a horse, but finer and more delicate.
Other: Living mostly in a variety of forests and trying to keep away from hunters, Kesia lives a solitary existence for the most part. When she is forced into the company of others, she is not the best conversation partner. She’s deeply suspicious of anyone new and extremely flighty. Being a unicorn, she does of course have magic- however, like the rest of her kind, she is confined to helping others with her power. Not only can she not use her magic for any other purpose, she also has to help anyone who asks. This leaves her extremely resentful of the world at large. If, however, you can earn her trust, you’ll find her extremely loyal and she’ll be willing to spend time with you, to an extent- although she’s not excellent at conversation. She has few friends; some unicorns travel in herds, but most don’t, and she left her family when she was only five.


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Kesia (Unicorn)
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