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 Ahrora - the Lash Dragon

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Ahrora - the Lash Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Ahrora - the Lash Dragon   Ahrora - the Lash Dragon Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 8:24 am

Ahrora - the Lash Dragon Lashdragon
Extra Picture: https://i.servimg.com/u/f19/13/39/62/08/lashdr14.jpg
Name: Ahrora
Gender: Female
Dragon Species: Lash Dragon
Flying Ability: Yes
Sprite Creator: Zay

Ahrora has led a peaceful and quiet life in the little village of Plurith for as long as she can remember. Somewhere down the line, she has met Rouz and has learned to love him really quickly. However, they never had any offspring, though they did adopt a small human child by the name of Dax. He was the closest being to family they had.

Their love was a strong one and they would fight for each other no matter what, and the day where this would turn into reality had come all too soon with the invasion of Plurith by the malicious dragons of Maledictus Eice.

Having left Dax in safety in the forest as they had been out for a walk when the attack occurred, Rouz and Ahrora had sprinted back to the village itself in order to defend their home and their friends. Unfortunately, neither they nor their love were strong enough to keep the worst from happening and Ahrora soon died under the paws of a lightning storm dragon called Tabri (owend by Rogue), who relished in the lash dragon’s final scream as the last breaths escaped her.

Her last moments:

Ahrora shuddered in fright as the battle cry of the clubtail suddenly sounded behind her. The fear was freezing her blood in her veins when she realised that they had been discovered not only by the lightning storm she had launched herself on but also by the small grouping Rouz had targeted. They were doomed! But just like her loved one, she was not prone on giving up. If they both had to die, then so be it, but she would fight until her last breath. There was not a chance she would simply give up.

It took her by surprise however that her seemingly vain attempt to hurt such a large dragon actually bore some results; a happy thought which made the flames the lash dragon was tasting almost feel less hurtful. When Ahrora felt her tail slice through the dragon’s tongue, she almost gave a shriek of triumph, but that thought only lasted for half a second, because suddenly, the larger dragon was much angrier. Being slammed full-force into the alleywall, Ahrora felt the air being driven out of her lungs and her grip on the lightning storm loosened instantly. While she was still trying to gasp for air, she could feel herself falling to the ground. It was not all too far, but it was far enough. With a crash and various unhealthy sounding cracks, the lash dragon landed on the floor in the alley, scrambling wildly to get to her feet.

Behind her, she could hear Rouz fighting with the huge clubtail, the two large dragons on each side of the alley almost completely blocking out and the sound of the larger dragon stomping the ground with its huge feet, gave Ahrora a start. Did Rouz get squished? What had happened to him?
“Rouz!” she screamed, wanting to at least hear a reply from her loved one, hoping he would hear her, hoping he was able to reply, hoping he was still alive!
Coughing, she drew another ragged breath after she had strained her uncooperative voice, Ahrora once again struggled with her partially broken body. The thought of maybe having lost her love seemed to give her wings and despite a few broken bones and bruises everywhere, despite one paw merely limply hanging by her side and despite the fact that she couldn’t breathe, the lash dragon lifted off the ground and faced the lightning storm again.
”Bring it on,” she murmured, readying herself for whatever it was the lightning storm was certainly going to dish out now.

Growling and still slamming her face against the wall, even when Ahrora had let go of her nose, Tabri was furious that the little lash dragon had even got such an advantage over her. She finally quit her foolish act when she was sure the dragon wasn’t attached to her face any longer, her glowing eyes fixing on the lash climbing slowly back to her paws. She certainly didn’t look happy any more- which made Tabri very happy. Served her right, attacking her nose like that. Why, she could taste blood, and more was pouring down her lips from where Ahrora had hung onto her nose. Ouch.

Her eyes flicked up to where the other little dragon- who cared what it was, it was small and puny- was trying to attack one of the clubtail dragons who led Maledictus Eice. Trying was the key word- such a size different was hardly making it a fair fight, or any sliver of a fair fight. She focussed on the lash dragon again; it was time to take her out. After all, she had just practically asked for a beating.
“Oh I will,” she growled, her lips widening into a grin, then blew a long tongue of flame in the direction of the little dragon. Lets see how she liked her pathetic feathery wings set on fire. And if that didn’t work… well, it would be a good enough distraction as she lunged forwards to snap at Ahrora again.

Maybe it was a very bad idea after all to tease the lightning storm, Ahrora thought when a jet of flame suddenly came towards her. Instinctively, she wanted to jump aside, but there was nowhere to jump in this teeny tiny alleyway. Instead, she slammed into the wall, a picture of misery as she was trying to shield herself from the worst of the fire with her wings. Singed feathers were dropping off of her wings, effortlessly drifting to the ground before they turned into a heap of ash. Her scales began heating up massively under the steady blaze, yet she was forcing herself not to scream. Tears of pain were welling up in her eyes and pictures of Rouz were flashing before her eyes as she was huddled on the ground and against the wall. Would she ever be able to lay eyes on him again? One last time? More tears were streaming out of her eyes at the thought of losing the love of her life and she was gasping for breath, choking on own waterworks and the fire from her opponent.

But she would not give that damned dragon the satisfaction of revealing her pain by screaming out loud.

Instead, she decided that with the bit of strength and willpower she still had left, she would counter attack once again. Forcing herself to get back onto her legs, she realised all too soon already that her movements were far too slowly under the amounts of pain she was now enduring. Her already broken bones were protesting wildly at the exercise she was forcing her body to undertake. Of course, the leap into the wall had not helped in the least.
However, she was too slow. She had not even completely found her balance again when the lightning storm dragon already lounged at her, merely half a heartbeat after the fire had stopped scorching what was left of her wings. Ahrora barely registered the movement but she could almost definitely feel the set of teeth clamping into her neck and this time she screamed.

The scream of the little lash dragon who had tried to attack Tabri was instantly cut off as she snapped her jaws together, Ahroha’s neck breaking with a horrible finality. The lightning storm tossed her head from side to side, shaking her limp body so it danced like a rag doll before she flung it away, torching what was left of the unfortunate lash before she hit the buildings on the opposite side of the street.

Tabric slowly opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, the taste of barbequed flesh mixing with the metallic taste of blood from her nose. No doubt that would make eating annoying for the next couple of weeks, especially when it started to heal over. Ah well, it had been worth it.

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Ahrora - the Lash Dragon
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