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 Zeal<|-- A Bone to Pick

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PostSubject: Zeal<|-- A Bone to Pick   Zeal<|-- A Bone to Pick Icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 6:22 pm

Zeal<|-- A Bone to Pick Redrock-1
.::Take Care my Love::.
'Ello an' stuff. I'm Zeal, a dragon in her prime at 31 years. I been around a while, which don't mean I'm old, it means that I know what's goin' on.

.::Miss you Love::.
I ain't had a rider in a Reeeeeal long time, or 'least not one that was mine Specifically. I give my friends a lift if they need it, though.

.::Someday Love will Find You::.
I'm Female. Duh.
A Red Rock. Double Duh.
I speak in Saddle Brown
My magic type is Earth and I've specialized, so watch out!

.::Break those Chains that Bind You::.
I'm a Large dragon, 'an that's how I been fer a while, 'an I figure that's how I'll stay.
I'm pretty Resilient. I might not be particularly special, but I know how to Endure, 'an that's worth something I reckon.

.::One Night will Remind You::.
What? You wanna know what I look like…? Zeal is covered in small triangular scales that are brown in color, though larger plate-scales tipped with red run the length of her belly. Her head is crested with a dorsal spike and long layered horns on either side with a frill of smaller horns that decent from her main horns to her jaw. Interestingly, Zeal had asked her first rider in the past to drill small holes in the trailing edges of her horns and now has rows of gold rings and other personal identifying trinkets adorning her head. Her wings are broad when opened, the dark brown webbing ending in crimson and is attached to her back and along her tail in a dorsal fin that helps for more stability in flight. Her tail is broad and flat like a spade, and it can be used for slicing or bashing enemies. As part of the Elites, she wears armor a majority of the time, though it's mostly decorative. The natural scales covering her usually serve as plenty of protection if given cause.

You're a curious little bugger, aren't you…? Zeal was not given her name; she chose it. The dragons of her tribe change their names to fit with their occupation. It's as much of a descriptor as it is an identifier. To her, being part of the Elites is the greatest honor that a dragon can hold, and she dedicates herself to the order with a zealous flair. She is a little odd though, especially in her speaking patterns which most would attribute to a lack of intelligence. She's wickedly keen though, and this combination has lead her to many victories over unwitting opponents. Her dedication to the Elites has become less impassioned in the past few decades, however. Her youthful exuberance has tempered out slightly to make her a more calm and reasoning dragon, and her eyes are turning more toward the future and what it will have in store for her specifically. She misses her family and regrets that she has not yet taken a mate, despite her age. But duty forever comes first, and she treasures the companionship of her fellow ranking officers. She can be hard on new recruits, but it's always with the best intentions, and she strives to make those under her command operate the best that they can, often leading by example.

.::How We Touched::.
A Good Rumble
Solitary Flights
Traveling, Meeting New People

Meeting New Recruits

Running Pointless Errands
Assignments That Don't Go As Planned
Poverty, Inequality, Hardships

.::And Went our Separate Ways::.
Well, if you really want to know more… Growing up in the mountains near Guardian's Peak, Zeal always imagined that one day she would serve the grand Guardians in some huge way. She was a reckless hatchling, especially after she learned how to fly and was constantly getting in trouble. Back then her name was Audacity, and she lived up to her name at full speed. When a group of Elites came to her family's ancestral home, she begged them to take her along so that she could become an Elite. At first they didn't want to bring her, but after a day and night of wearing at their reserves, Audacity finally managed to convince them to let her come along. Life in Didienne was a shock to her, who had never seen a large human settlement before, and for the first time she was homesick. However, after meeting with the recruiters, she threw herself into their training program and quickly advanced. On the day that she was accepted into the Elites she renamed herself Zeal, and has been that name to this day.

She struggled through the first few years of her time as a new recruit, earning a plethora of marks on her scales from scuffles with outlaws and other unsavory characters. As she advanced with the rank and became more mature, she was allowed to attend formal events in the capitol and proudly wore the ceremonial armor given to the Elites that protected the Council. During her time in the capitol she met her first and only rider, an Elf in the Elites that was serving in the same regiment as her. They quickly bonded and after a handful of years serving in the lucrative and easy life of Council Guards decided that they would rather be out in the field. Together they started leading a squadron of mixed dragons and non-dragons, adventuring to the corners of Dragons Cove and rooting out problems, restoring faith in the Elites and the Council, and generally doing good works. Tragedy struck when a particularly nasty group of dragons fell on their party, and the battle was hard fought with neither side coming out the victor and leaving many dead to both. Zeal's rider was included in the death toll. She grieved for a long time and has not taken a rider since, nor does she plan to, especially after watching many under her command being taken by age or sickness, something that dragons do not have to worry about as much.

Currently, she serves with her unit at the behest of the Council, patrolling Dragons Cove for danger and other misfortunes.

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Zeal<|-- A Bone to Pick
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