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 Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume - the quiet diplomat

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Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume - the quiet diplomat Empty
PostSubject: Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume - the quiet diplomat   Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume - the quiet diplomat Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 7:38 pm

Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume



Type Of Person:
Diplomat (occasional rider)

Relation To Any Dragons:
Shares a special bond with Altea

Jeremy Erôn is the youngest son of Theodonys, Count de Grysebrume. He was born on a stormy night and the legend says that people present at the mansion saw a dragon flying in the black sky.
It was unlikely that the baby would survive, as he was very weak, but Theodonys fought against that very idea. His wife couldn’t get any other child and the Count used his resources to ensure that his three children would grow old and be successful in life.

Jeremy remained fragile in adulthood. Born an albino, he found it very hard to accept his difference. Thin and pale, he looked constantly sick and decided to dye his hair black (keeping a few white locks). If that hair colour softens his dark red eyes, it doesn’t do any other good to his appearance. It’s well known that Jeremy has no strength and that he gets tired very easily. He is usually wearing black and ample trousers, a white shirt and a very long black vest. He is not only covering every inch of his white skin, he is also avoiding direct sunlight when possible, mostly to escape the inevitable sunburns.

He is a quiet and soft person, keeping mostly to himself, unless his function requires him to get socially involved with people. His father, an eminent High Council member, had him trained to become a diplomat and got him to join the High Council as soon as a vacancy opened.
Father and son couldn’t be more different: while Theodonys is all political talks and tricks, gestures and drama, his son is more the mediator type. He is the one people come to if they need an ear, and he just enjoys — yet it doesn’t show — feeling useful. There was no scandal surrounding his nomination as a High Council member. In fact, as soon as his fellow companions discovered that he was actually able to quieten his father’s legendary outbursts, he was fully accepted and became an asset in terms of synthesising the very core of the lively positions from the ones and others.

Jeremy’s social life is close to non-existent. Of course, his health condition prevents him from enjoying most of the activities offered in town, but his permanent sad mood makes it difficult for him to really enjoy his life. Not only is he a mild fatalist, but he seems unable to see things on the bright side and has a natural tendency to depression. He never laughs (Altea is the only one who ever heard him laugh) and he seems worried most of the time.

Jeremy’s older sister, Airlya, is 30 years old. She is married to a wealthy and influent citizen from Didienne who gave her four children.

Their older brother, Erebus, would be 37 years old. He left the mansion when he was 17, never to return. He wanted to discover the world and disappeared.
Theodonys’ hope is that he is dead indeed as he wants to ensure the title to Jeremy.

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Jeremy Erôn de Grysebrume - the quiet diplomat
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