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 Sildred Praxus || Loyal Dog || (Human)

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Sildred Praxus || Loyal Dog || (Human) Empty
PostSubject: Sildred Praxus || Loyal Dog || (Human)   Sildred Praxus || Loyal Dog || (Human) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2012 12:22 am

Name: Sildred Praxus

Age: 23

Birthdate: January 10th

Gender: Male

Picture: Shirtless bc how do armor?

Type Of Person: Surahnian Soldier

Sildred is a loyal dog in the Surahnian Army. He does as he is told, no questions asked. He is a good soldier and has trained with the Army since he was 16. He is a fighting man, and has turned down advancing promotions, not because he is not qualified, but because he is comfortable without the crushing pressures that a title can bring down on him.

Relation To Any Dragons: The Lion's dragon, Kvinna, has chewed up his boots on occasion.


Sildred is a serious man, controlled and obedient. Although he is young, and quite handsome, he has lost his interest in pursuing women after his wife died in Racksom. He is a father of a two year old girl, and when he is deployed, the family of his deceased wife watches over her. His daughter, named Tilenaia after Sildred's father, Tilenai, looks a lot like her mother, and is therefore spoiled by her grandfather. She, however, has her father's attitude, and is a quiet, well-behaved child. Sildred and his daughter are a quiet duo, but the love between them is undoubtedly strong.

Although Sil usually takes crap from superiors and elders with a blank, unaffected look, that doesn't mean he enjoys being talked to like he is lesser. He burns off this negative energy during training, often training longer and harder than some of his peers. He does not tolerate being spoken down to by those of equal or lesser rank, often preferring to corner these offenders when they are alone and teaching them a lesson they can only learn through pain. However, if he has a problem with a group of individuals, he often goes through the proper channels to see his grievance addressed. If he has a problem with a higher ranking official, he either takes his lumps, or avoids the official whether through transfer requests or simply not being where that official might be.

Sil was always an obedient son, doing everything his Patriarch demanded of him. He joined the army at the age of sixteen and fell in love with a woman in the archery unit when he was eighteen. His father had not planned for him to ignore his other options and did not know that he'd unofficially had many meetings with this female archer. So, when his son disobeyed him and left with many others aboard ships with a man named Zartear Straten, he believed that his son chose glory over family.

Sil never heard from his father again, and it broke a piece of him to leave his father and family to a dying land. However, he'd impregnated the female archer, and, very much in love with her, wed her aboard the ship so that their child would be born legitimate. He named their daughter Tilenaia, after his father. Sil had been much more expressive before his wife died, laughter and smiles coming easily to him. After Racksom, when he'd been given the news by her unit captain, he'd become more quiet and contemplative. He would go off by himself and sit, staring out at nothing in particular. No one ever saw him cry.

Sil received a black braid of valor for fighting off corsairs during the voyage to Dragon's Cove and has worn it since receiving it. He received his wife's black braid of valor for dying during combat and wears it both as tribute to her and in mourning.

His obedience, unflinching loyalty and valorous acts earned him a recommendation to be assigned to the Kaionarian team under Captain Hadanna. Despite his anxiety about being separated from his daughter in a strange land, the change of scenery reminded him that a Surahnian is a Surahnian no matter what land they find themselves upon. The deployment would be like all the others, save he would have to deal with uppity natives.


Sil stands at 5' 10" and is 240 lbs. He trains vigorously, so he is well built and well toned. A native Surahnian, his skin is like ivory. He keeps his dark hair cropped short and pushed back, so as to stay out of his eyes when he wears a helm. His eyes are an extremely pale blue, deep set, and ringed by dark lashes. He has a straight, narrow nose, a square jaw and a square chin. When he smiles, his dimples show. His lips are full and pink and he shaves. However, the shadow of his facial hair is always visible. He has broad shoulders, his frame tapering considerably at his waist. He has no tattoos and no piercings. When he's not in his uniform and armor, he wears the laced up trousers, white blouse (with the sleeves), boots and leather bracers common to the Surahnian men in Dragon's Cove. Around each of his biceps is black, braided leather.


He is not particularly religious, nor particularly outspoken, but he is patriotic and will fight for the glory of Surahnia. He tends to be hard-hearted toward those he does not know, but it is a result of his reluctance to get close to others. He is not without morals, however he does not disobey orders. While he may not like what he's been ordered to do, he will carry it out. Every man has his breaking point, though, Sil's is yet to be discovered.

He has also manifested some minor necromantic abilities since coming to Dragon's Cove, and is afraid that this necromancy is a taint of his blood. However, curiosity has seen him practice it on occasion on his daughter's little pets.

Sildred by Nenners on Grooveshark
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Sildred Praxus || Loyal Dog || (Human)
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