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 Count Theodonys de Grysebrume

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PostSubject: Count Theodonys de Grysebrume   Count Theodonys de Grysebrume Icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 5:28 pm

Theodonys, Count de Grysebrume

(he is born in 3655)


Type of Person:
High Council member

Relation to Any Dragons:
Theodonys opened his house to Altea, his son Jeremy’s Dragon

Theodonys, Count de Grysebrume, is a long time member of the High Council and one who takes this function very seriously (a little too much sometimes).
Tall and strong, he is rather impressive and inspires respect at first sight. His blue eyes and flyaway white hair soften this picture a bit. Indeed, deep down Theodonys is a very nice man; unfortunately his terrible temper tends to count against him. Straight and honest, he has a habit of speaking out his mind freely. He is a man of passion, with no patience. Furthermore, he finds it very hard to accept it when people question his decisions. He has a deep sense of honor which explains why he doesn’t get along too well with his fellow High Council colleagues whom he despises (more or less) openly. Witnessing the usual corruption and general laziness from them, made him work twice as much. His unspoken goal is to restore the High Council’s reputation and magnificence, and he soon discovered that he could take advantage of the lack of interest of his colleagues. He developed a new strategy consisting in manipulating the most corrupted High Council members by showing them the financial or reputational benefits they would gain in supporting his decisions. Theodonys is always trying to take the right, and fair, decisions, but his ways and arguments are sometimes questionable, and therefore he values the advice and input of his son, a peace maker at heart.

When he was 16, he married Héliodora (15 at the time) who had been promised to him from the moment she was born. In spite of it being an arranged wedding, their marriage was a happy one. Theodonys and Héliodora truly cared for each other and when the Countess died from pneumonia at age 33, Theodonys didn’t feel like replacing her, preferring to enjoy the occasional and non-committing relationship rather than remarrying. Also, he considered that the education of his two younger children (Airlya, 10 and Jeremy Erôn, 5) came first. At the same period, he became more involved in the city business as a member of the Council and began to take a real interest in his function.

Theodonys has three children:
• Erebus, his oldest son (Theodonys was only 17 when he was born) ran away from home when he was about the same age to explore the world. Father and son never really got along. Erebus was a wild child, full of himself and jealous of his younger sister and brother. As he is the eldest son, he is entitled to the title; yet Theodonys is trying to find a way to prevent the latter from getting anything from him, even going as far as to hope that Erebus has been long dead.
• Airlya, his only daughter, who cared for the family after the Countess’ death. She is a fine woman who places family above all things. She married a wealthy and influent citizen from Didienne and now has four children. Being busy with her own family, she still occasionally sees her father, but doesn’t have any real influence on his life anymore.
Jeremy Erôn, his youngest son and also his favorite. Because of Jeremy’s frail constitution, Theodonys felt that it was his duty as a father to take great care of him. He shaped him to his expectation of the perfect heir and as a result, turned him into a fine diplomat. He is now hoping to find the perfect spouse for Jeremy, a topic of dissension with Altea who is at least as possessive as Theodonys towards Jeremy.
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Count Theodonys de Grysebrume
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