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 Nyura (Indiscriminate Meal Seeker)

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PostSubject: Nyura (Indiscriminate Meal Seeker)   Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:31 am

Name: Nyura (Graceful)
Age: 30 years old, full adult mentality
Gender: Female

Size: Medium
Type Of Dragon: Nyura is a free roaming dragon mostly, she will fight in line with the DDCs' part, however should not be expected to curb her appetite.
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Nyura doesn't play with her food. She respects non dragons, doesn't mind that they breed and they are undoubtedly intelligent, but these sort of things alone will not take them off of the menu when the urge to eat rises.

Likes/Dislikes: She loves to be in the presence of strong dragons, particularly males, and loves attention. Nyura is very proud of her beautiful, optimum-sharp scythes and her long yet magnificent horns. With Nyura, a compliment goes a long way. Either to extend your lifespan a minute or to make her a friend of yours. Depending on how big or small you may be.
Nyura is not excessively self-absorbed apart from the odd feature or two, but she often demands her effort to be appreciated. if Nyura chooses to help you in any way small or large, you should be visibly grateful, otherwise she can behave quite hot-blooded and fickle.

Nyura dislikes arrogant or grumpy small dragons, it's easy to make them stay quiet when they are in her stomach, though. Oddly, she is more than content to put up with this behavior from larger dragons, she admires them. From her equals, she will tolerate it for the sake of not wanting to create risky-fights; Nyura may enjoy hunting and a brief fight, but only ones she can win and anything that could risk more than a superficial graze is likely to turn her off starting on it.
She also dislikes the cold and cloudy skies, Nyura is very much at home when she can be sunning herself rather than huddled up in an ice cave. She only knows the relative cold of the warmer jungle though, so not cold at all.

Description: See the sprite! Nyura however, does like to consider herself as more attractive than most other female scythes, if not, many more dragons. Indeed, in every season she has found herself with a clutch of eggs sired by whomever might be the particularly rogueish male in her territory at the time.
Being at her full grown size, she likes to flaunt her strong hunters body and oddly graceful movement, scythes are not known to be graceful, but when Nyura is cutting down an enemy it is as if she is in a dance, so she likes to think, and don't you tell her any different. Nyura may not be cultured or verbally eloquent, but her self confidence alone is often enough to put on a worthy show.

Nyura is a somewhat protective dragon. She is choosy with who she sticks up for, takes sides with, or helps. This tends to be those that least need it, given that she prefers to make friends with those equal to her or stronger. She is somewhat loyal, though should not be depended upon come rain or shine, because at the end of the day Nyura is quite self centered with a strong streak of self preservation. She is a true opportunist hunter, and this carries over into other things too. Is the effort worth the gain?

The Surahnian Rebels do not bother her much at all, so long as they do not force themselves and their ways upon her. Nor does she particularly care about Maledictus Eice. As such, Nyura can be swayed by strong/influential dragons into "fighting" on any side at any given time. Whichever one will give her the easiest fights for her to win at the time.
Ideally they should not mind losing the occasional comrade to her roaming claws and jaws. Nyura is impressed by power, but not ideologies, her life is too short to care about such silly things. Therefore, neutrality is probably what she would best identify with in her heart, though on the field, she could be under any banner should she even bother to partake.

She was born just to the east of Yarrowitz, near Celen's fall. Since then, for many years, she has roamed around the warm jungle clime and has become quite partial to heat and humidity. However she is unafraid to roam about and lately scours into the desert regions, sometimes gliding down to harass Bolarvian people. It's not personal, if that makes it any better.

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."
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Nyura (Indiscriminate Meal Seeker)
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