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 Izo- Albino Ice Dragon

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Izo- Albino Ice Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Izo- Albino Ice Dragon   Izo- Albino Ice Dragon Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2012 1:09 am

Name: Izo
Age: 21
Born: July 9
Gender: Male
Picture: Izo- Albino Ice Dragon Whitei10
Type Of Dragon: Ice Dragon (Albino)
Magic Type: Ice
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: none
Like: bone chilling cold, underground where it is cool
Dislikes: heat, the sun, to be touched
Description: Izo's scales are an iridescent white unlike the other ice dragons. He is better suited for hiding in snow where the others ice.
Other: Some Believe the reason Izo is an albino is cause he was born out of season compared to the others of his kind. Where most of the young ie dragons are born during the deep winter, he was born during the summer months.
Size: Large
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Izo- Albino Ice Dragon
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