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 Rhynna ~*~

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PostSubject: Rhynna ~*~   Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:59 pm




Name: Rhynna (RIN-ah)
Age: 19
Birthday: 29th February, 2690
Gender: Female
Size: Small-Medium
Type of Dragon: Antler dragon, circus performer
Relation to any non-dragons: Ridden by Zhenya- while Rhynna is constantly bossed around by Zhenya, the two do genuinely care for each other.
Likes: Plants, nature in general, solitude, Zhenya, the circus, stability, cleanliness, fresh scents.
Dislikes: War, arguments, injuries, stress, strong flavours.
Description: A very typical antler dragon, Rhynna has fairly short, soft and thick fur, mostly white but with a few green markings. Running along the back of her neck is a fluffy green mane, which reaches along the top of her head almost to her nose and all the way down her tail, right to the tip. As her breed name suggests, she has two antlers on the top of her head, which are fairly small as she is female. Her wings are feathered, white with a few green bars across the flight feathers and green edging on some of the smaller feathers.

The expression “wouldn’t hurt a fly” really comes into its own with Rhynna. She’s a real worrier, and delicate too. It doesn’t take much to upset her, she has a low pain threshold and injuries leave her feeling somewhat unwell. She doesn’t like eating meat and does partly live off fruit, but she accepts that it’s necessary for her to have a mostly carnivorous diet and makes sure to kill her prey in the kindest way possible. She’s younger than her rider and definitely doesn’t wear the trousers in their partnership, but she’s still very protective of the avian. While she’s very wet, if pushed she will occasionally stand up for a friend, though it’s unlikely if it’s somebody she’s really scared of.

Neutral magic can manifest itself many different ways, but Rhynna’s main ability is manipulating energy flows. This is how she hunts- by cutting off the energy flow of her prey, which makes an entirely painless death. What she prefers to do is speed the growth of plants. While this does take a lot more energy on her part, she doesn’t mind as she rarely uses her powers. She can also speed healing by directing resources towards the wound, but this costs whatever is being healed and isn’t an instant remedy.

Rhynna is an ?.
Other: As an egg, Rhynna was handed into the care of a trusted mage by her mother, who didn’t consider herself able to care for hatchlings. While she could have resented her mother for this, Rhynna has never minded, as it meant that she always had ample company, food, shelter and a stable home while growing up. When she had fully matured at the age of 13, she left her foster father with promises to pay him frequent visits, and flew east from her home near Caspan to the Amelle Forest. It was here that she encountered a dishevelled and desperate Zhenya. She threw herself on Rhynna’s pity and the soppy antler dragon agreed to give the girl a ride to Tarz- her chosen destination, given its reputation for being fairly uncorrupted and giving justice. The two became friends, as well as Zhenya learning how to take advantage of the dragon, and so they stayed in the village together for a time before moving on west to Harglen. Rhynna’s hunting mostly provided for the two, as well as Zhenya sometimes dancing in the streets for a few coins. After spending almost a year together, a travelling circus came to the town. Seeing their opportunity for a better income, the pair managed to get jobs there as acrobats. They’ve travelled with the circus ever since.

While Zhenya is keen to join the Surahnians Rebels and support Zartear to gain change on Dragons Cove, Rhynna hates the prospect of war and is terrified of Zartear after everything she has heard about him. This is the biggest conflict between the two, and the subject will instantly make Rhynna unhappy if it comes up.



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Rhynna ~*~
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