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 Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO

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PostSubject: Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO   Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2012 6:10 pm


Dekhovra Knix

Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO FlockdrawDekoldclean_zps901556d1
Thank you so so much to Zay for the amazing picture of Dek Very Happy<3333333333333

Name: Dekhovra Knix (deh-KO-vra NIX)

Age: 36

Birthday: 4th September, 2672

Gender: Female

Type of person: Surahnian Rebel; former peasant.

Relation to any dragons: None

Likes: Marrying off children, Surahnia, looking after home and being in charge there, her children

Dislikes: Magic, goats, Lahrukans, Dragons Cove, dragons

Description: These days, Dekhovra is a well built woman, despite  being lacking in food for much of her life. She’s now amply fed and keeps strong for times when she has to serve in the army, and so she’s far from slim. She stands at about 5'7 and her hair is black and reaches a little past her shoulders, but she wears it up in a bun for practicality. She has blue eyes, relatively dark but not remarkably so and needless to say, her skin is Surah-white. When it comes to clothes, she never wears trousers unless it’s for the military- most often she’ll be in an ankle length dress/skirt, nothing fancy or luxurious. She’s unaccustomed to any kind of formal wear. Due to a life which has generally been harsh on her, she has tough and calloused hands and many small scars on her body, though nothing hugely obvious.

Dekhovra is an ESTJ.

Other: Born and raised an unremarkable Surahnian, Dekhovra now has a sad story to tell of her life- much like any other member of the Surahnian Rebels.
At 13 she was married to a man no richer than herself, just before the decline of Old Surahnian began. They managed to scrape a living for themselves and their family, if a somewhat meagre one, farming a small plot of land and keeping the odd animal when they could manage it. Over a period of 3 years, she had 3 children- one son just after she turned 14, then a pair of twins when she was about 15 and a half. She was swiftly impregnated again-but at about 6 months, the Lahrukans cast their unexpected plague spell on Surahnia. After the magic struck, the situation for her family worsened considerably, as it did for all Surahnia. A few months after the spell, her husband was out desperately trying to gather food for his family including the newborn baby when he was murdered in a fight over the tiny amount of food he had managed to gather. As their food supplies dwindled rapidly, she found herself unable to feed her youngest child, and so smothered the baby to save him a slow, unpleasant death by other means- nobody was taking him in, after all. She quickly decided that their options were to leave Surahnia or die. They fled to Lahruka, and began to travel through it to Kahruna, taking whatever food they could get and scraping through largely by foraging in forests. Woodland also had the advantage of making for easy hiding. Upon reaching Kahruna, the four of them encountered a SR raiding party. They joined the rebel group, seeing a chance to live, and stayed with them as they left for Dragons Cove years later.

One of her twin daughters, named Yevnata, married at the age of 16; Fivei, the other, has devoted herself to the military for now, and her son Vrandir is also fighting as the Surahnians invade Dragons Cove. As she has no husband, either, to look after, Dehkovra assists in catering for the army and also assists with other basic and practical tasks where required, such as mending clothes. This suits her, as it means that she quickly knows the condition of her children after any battle.

More information on Yevnata:


Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO TOMATO_zps68ac3dba

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Dekhovra Knix - TOMATO
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