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 Yuzan - Love makes the world go round...and crazy. (Human)

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PostSubject: Yuzan - Love makes the world go round...and crazy. (Human)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:43 pm

Fast Facts:
Yuzan Feneck, 25 years old, Female
Dark Brown Hair, Pure White Skinned, Pale Green Eyes, Lahrukan
Servant of Racksom Palace, Scribe
The typical servant attire of the Racksom palace. (Plain long grey dress, modest and other non-descript, save the fact it is coarse and ragged) Has the Surahnian ‘Hourglass’ cut deeply into her face (spanning from cheeks to below the lips, makes the cross just under the nose)
Strong mental constitution, unaggressive but brooding, alert and attentive, either caring and very affectionate or manipulative toward others. Although socially graceful and at times persuasive, can easily be manipulated herself (through many means) and is easily affected by others in general.

Birthdate: 23rd of April, 2687
Picture: http://i10.servimg.com/u/f10/13/39/62/08/yuzan410.jpg
Type Of Person: Yuzan is a scribe and slave under the palace of racksom as part of her indefinite punishment for deception toward tactician Atoro, though, simply being a Lahrukan is enough to merit a sentence official or not from just about any Surahnian.
She seldom sees those beside her guards and Atoro; Yuzan’s presence is kept strictly secret from all others due to the potential consequences or follow-throughs relating to her appearance within the palace as a Lahrukan.
Of the guards she does know, she has a ‘familial’ relation to one of them, Sildred Praxus, which could be considered the closest thing she has to any sort of warmth.

Relation To Any Dragons: None in particular. She is not overly curious of dragons and she has only been fearful  of them in some measure.

Likes/Dislikes: Yuzan thinks very fondly of her country, and particularly her home city of Fenatz.  Of course, she is desperately homesick even though she will not show this; her company typically would not befit that sort of expression. She sincerely misses her simple and well made life of before, coming from a wealthy and secure family with a tradition in the Fenatzian local guard. Yuzan misses the comforts of it, the festivals, her friends and family, her lover and any number of de tails she now sees she had taken for granted.

Being raised traditionally Lahrukan as well means she has a particular appreciation for music, but also for family values and impeccable social grace. Lahrukan society has long placed value in being ‘cultured’ whatever your standing; even if that simply means ensuring that the local community would meet often for the sake of gathering itself. It is expected in Lahruka, that one should always seek to negotiate in good taste before “fighting” in any dispute. Peacefulness is one of the greatest virtues in dealing with others in Lahruka; something Yuzan is capable of living up to, and needless to say is not merely something she likes, but is necessary for her to feel comfortable. Yuzan is ill at ease in the knowledge that others near her may dislike, or worse still, hate her.

She also likes to be sure of others wellbeing in her presence, though her own needs will often take precedence, this one included, and she dislikes creating any upset. Yuzan is the woman that will invite you into her home to cook the last of her food for you; and then grumble and mutter on your rudeness about eating the last of her food once the door is closed, even if she did quite enjoy your company.

It would be obvious to say that presently she leads a far from ideal life, the dogs having better treatment than herself, in the palace. She hates many things about it;
…The darkness and coldness of her cell…The wailing and crazed calling of her fellow prisoners; even worse kept than her (they are never removed from their cells)
She deeply resents the two faced nature of her captor, his indifference, his callousness and effortless manipulation of her.
Yuzan hates that she only lives to work with nothing to gain of it at the end; others would complain they live only to serve a King or Queen, Yuzan believes the work is only the means to the end; the family…which they all have and she now does not.
She also hates that her future has been dissolved, all of her dreams are completely unreachable now and they were never spectacular.

Yuzan has always been considered quite a pleasant thing to look at, evenly proportioned and with a sweet faced appearance. She has never truly been the centre of attention for her looks alone, Yuzan is not “beautiful” rather, an easily approachable looking young woman so she has often has had no issue finding the interest of men, though she is rarely looked upon with any great measure of seriousness or with promise of a future.
This was of course ruined by the hourglass carved into her face out of spite and retribution. Yuzan is quite short standing at 5'3.
Although there is no distinct or striking feature (scars aside) about Yuzan, she has always known how to evoke the right kind of demeanour to the situation, and would occasionally, if she had to, use her body to get her way. Often eeking out sympathy, interest or favour...Yuzan has always been partial to using her body for trying to gain affection, or rather ‘love’, from one she desires; it simply won’t do to be telling her she cannot hope for ‘romance’ in her life.
Such things have completely changed, however, in fact that did the moment she was forced to journey with the Surahnians.
Since then she has been forced to be more directly manipulative and often employ bare-faced lying, which rests poorly on her conscience even though she is very often convincing to the common man or woman.

Nowadays she spends her days in Atoro’s library, copying out books and taking note of required information to create compilations of what she finds. Yuzan finds this easy enough; it does not require knowledge on her part. However, severe punishments are prepared for incomplete or unsatisfactory work, so she does her very best to accomplish all she can with it each day.

History and Background:
Yuzan originates from a privileged Lahrukan family, the Fenecks, near the eastern border of their lands, she as such has had a family with first hand experience of the Surahnian burnings. She herself however, has not, on the basis that she was “too young”, too young for what she could not understand, but allegedly her understanding of the significance was not enough.

Yuzan has never taken a particular interest in the politics of her country so much as the politics within her own class, amongst her rivals, with her future and her immediate family. All the things to have a stable and secure life, her opinion of Surahnians however had always been a low one. Needless to say, who would not hate the pillaging neighbour that was growing restless and could have chosen to attack your homeland? That is how she has been taught it, of course.
Her way of thinking is not unique and many Lahrukans do not share the same “Hatred” to Surahnians as the Surahnians would to them; in reality very few Lahrukans have ever seen Surahnians in the flesh. Instead, only hearing of their terrible, repeat conquests and the ever growing threat they posed.

One day, once she had boarded a ship to be chartered to one of the western countries (allegedly where her betrothed's family were staying at the time, she was to meet them and her husband-to-be again, the wedding was to be there) the ship was hijacked by Surahnian Rebels and the crew killed. Yuzan had quickly disguised herself as a Surahnian using her Lahrukan magical capabilities and embarked on their conquest across the oceans. By impersonating a weak and mute Surahnian, she was able to escape by the skin of her teeth. It was a scant chance at survival, though of course no Surahnian would directly draw a blade against their own…Well, not now they were destined to conquer once again, apparently.
Instead, it was suspected she would starve or become ill and die; such was her feeble looking disposition. Indeed, she was only able to get by through further persuasion of others, of which she is more than a little ashamed of and would rather not recall.

Following this she began life as an adopted daughter-in-law to a family. The moment she had set foot on the island her goal had been returning to Lahruka, persistent as she was, and to do that, she needed somebody with any kind of authority to give the nod and let a ship sail back. A very tall order, fantastical, even. The family she was ushered into, was a simple means of surviving well enough so she had a platform to do that, as she had adopted the guise of being a frail civilian so as to avoid the military; though she had never seemed particularly fit. In return for their hospitality she would (apparently) marry their blightfully useless son and eventually give them children that would hopefully not go on to be such failures and delight the grand-parents; her wedding was to be on July the 20th.
This was never seen through as Yuzan tried her hand at seducing the Surahnian Tactician, more than a simple task for a common and invisible girl. Yet, with the gods willing it, she was able to attract his attention and the fortune to make it close enough to him. Though her fortune was not so much a blessing as she had previously thought, she had perhaps seduced him for the night…perhaps giving too much of herself too fast for such a request…but the main failing being her discovery following the simple forgetting to maintain her Surahnian appearance.
Upon her discovery, despite her pleading and then obstinance, she was then put into slavery at the palace as one of the lowest of the low, but not before she was marked with a knife into the hourglass shape, as a marker and a sentimental reminder of her true race.

As such, she now sees very few people and is not granted any terms of release, nor is any lenience allowed in the terms of her punishment. This has not stopped Yuzan’s pleading, crying, flirtation or simple attempts at negotiation for sympathy, laxness or even simple kindness.  

What this Lady Wants
Yuzan has always been at the center, or at very least, in the midst of a drama. Known locally in Lahruka to be unchaste and something of a gossip, she managed to maintain her reputation only through her excellent social grace, plenty of mischief to hide her sins, and some flattery. It is not that Yuzan is especially immoral (by some standards), she simply "cannot help it" as she might tell you. Life is for living, is it not? She is not the sort to be at all predatorial about others, it is simply that either her affections are fickle or she longs for those she cannot have…those that she can rarely have stayed with her for long, often leaving her feeling very upset or even heartbroken…though she would soon find another, if only to fool herself pleasantly for a while, into another game or drama.

In spite of this, she has always dreamed of finding a man to marry of repute, having a lavish lifestyle, a wonderful lover, children of her own...many common things amongst women like her within her social class (and a respectable one it is!). As such, it has been disconcerting to find herself, although not disowned, left on the shelf at the ripe old age of 25. No man wants to risk becoming a cuckold; even if Yuzan might be loyal...it is a variable sort of thing, and status or standard alone could never guarantee it!
She has also wanted to help benefit her family and close ones as a whole, while Yuzan can be self absorbed and is very materialistic, she is not at all without compassion for others. Indeed, Yuzan is often very exuberant in her gestures of affection, large or small, to those close to her…or even not. Many would say she is often too giving, in a way that may make her seem disingenuous or easily-pleased.

Outside of the material, she will readily speak sweet things to you –and will expect the same in return- she is also a very physical sort of woman, and many would misinterpret her physical nature, all her touches, hugs and kisses as flirtation where it is not. Though with Yuzan; you could probably never be able to tell the difference.
Many of these things do not matter anymore. Living in the palace now has removed the chances for these wishes to ever be granted or for her real nature to show through acceptably in the narrow role of a meek and humble servant; a role that does not befit Yuzan’s self.
She maintains trying to persuade Atoro or her guards to give her some flexibility, and is very persistent in showing her faux-affection, yet she is not sure what she could possibly do with any freedom given no matter how large or small. It is a given that it is now impossible for her to escape, so she has had to begin re-adjusting herself to the idea of captivity until death. Well, so it seems.
For all the dislike she holds to Atoro, she wishes him the best. If he dies, then surely nobody else will pity her enough to keep her alive; whatever her circumstance is, Yuzan is adamantly against death as an option. There is still a hope inside her that the Spirit mother has a radically fortunate miracle to counter the radically unfortunate curse that has been given to her.

Yuzai (Mother)
Irast (Father)
Nerean (Brother)
Rurika (Betrothed)
Atoro (Captor)
Sildred (The Nice Guard)

"Use things, not people and love people, not things."
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Yuzan - Love makes the world go round...and crazy. (Human)
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