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 Asrai ~ Shade Runner

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PostSubject: Asrai ~ Shade Runner   Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:26 am

Name: Asrai

Age: 100 ; 10 human years (11/11)

Gender: Male

Type Of Dragon: Shade Runner

Relation To Any Non-Dragon: Rimegon;the animal trainer for the circus and the person he loves to annoy most.

Likes: Showing off, annoying/amusing people, playing tricks on people
Dislikes: Being ignored, being made fun of, being alone, having someone be angry at him, seeing someone be sad

Asrai is quite a trickster! He loves to pull pranks on people and crack jokes just to hear someone laugh. Even if he simply ends up annoying someone (as is often the case with Rimegon) it is still fun to him as long as they don't actually get mad at him. That's no fun at all, and makes him think of his childhood when people used to make fun of him because he couldn't walk properly as he had a tendency to trip over his tails and would repeat what people said to him. He simply couldn't control himself and that annoyed him to no end because it made people mad at him eventually, and then they would yell, and then he would be stuck saying back what they had yelled at him... it got messy quickly. Though he slowly grew out of the repetition it never completely went away, and he still greatly dislikes it when he can't make himself stop doing it right away.

Eventually he realized that he could use his clumsiness and echolalia to his advantage and amuse people instead of angering them. As soon as Asrai discovered this his life improved greatly because he now had a way to make people happy instead of angry. He often went around cheering people up and generally being very happy go lucky. His highly inquisitive nature showed itself as he followed people around, learning how to live a normal life and to get along with others when he could manage to not repeat them at every turn. He became a prankster as well, finding it funny to make people jump and noticing that it generally amused them as well once they got over a brief irritation. There were, or course, mistakes made along the way, but by the time he got to the circus he had it down to a science.

He just can't stand seeing people be sad, so when he first saw Rimegon he knew he had to do something to help, despite the fact that the elf didn't seem to like him very much. In fact the 'friendhip' helped both of them because Rimegon got more used to being around a dragon and Asrai became more accustomed to people not always being fond of him. As he slowly began to realize that it didn't necessarily mean someone would always be angry at him if they reacted unfavorably to a joke Rimegon also began to lighten up and so the relationship was entirely symbiotic.

If he is yelled at or ignored Asrai will try desperately to fix the situation, withdrawing from everyone if he cannot and turning into a recluse for the rest of the day, if not longer. Only time can bring him out of the sullen attitude unless the person that got angry at him apologizes and/or says it is all right. Then he will instantly brighten up and be back to his normal happy self.

Size: Small; he stands at 5'10" making him just as tall as Rimegon.

Other: He has immediate echolalia, which means he will often repeat whatever someone has just said to him before actually responding to them. Though he has gotten better about managing this it still pops up from time to time and is rather frustrating to him.

Greed: Hey, you still breathing over there?
Edward: Uh, does wheezing count?

Dragons: Asrai ~ Taya ~ Sarka ~ Temero ~ Arenia
Non-dragons: Arcania ~ Dawn ~ Nickolai ~ Rimegon
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Asrai ~ Shade Runner
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