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 Isabel -The Horrors of Nightmares (Human) (WIP)

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PostSubject: Isabel -The Horrors of Nightmares (Human) (WIP)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:23 pm

Basic Information
Name: Isabel ...
--Nickname: Izzy
---Special Title: ...
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Race: Human

Izzy is a rather short girl for her age. Standing at a height of 4'9", she's of average weight for her age group, 95 lbs. Her build is skinny and slim, and her skin tone is pale, but not really that pasty or white. Izzy has bright red hair, which is long to her mid back. She however, keeps it up into pig tails which she ties up with ribbons and band with a large ball on it. The ribbons are blue, and the balls are a darker blue with a rainbow spot in the center. The bangs frame the sides of her face, coming down to her chin. Over her forehead, there is a clump of bangs that goes down to the bridge of her nose. For eye color, Izzy's eyes are a bright emerald green. She has bright pink checks, and a splash of freckles across her nose.

For clothing, Izzy wears a light blue armored trench coat. The armor being the breast plate. The sides of the coat are opened, with only a brown strap in the middle. Around the waist of the coat, there is a brown belt with a black metal buckle. The trim on the coat is gold, as well as on the brown strap and belt. The sleeves of the belt offer a cover for the hands, if wanted, and the color covers her neck. The length of the coat is down to the ground, but not too long for her to trip on it. Around her neck, Izzy wears a brown choker with a gold trim on that as well. Under the coat, Izzy has a black short skirt with a white trim on it. This going down to her mid thighs. Finally, she has flat black shoes with a strap over the top, trimmed in gold as well. Under those, she has thigh high socks with a white trim top.

Character Information
Class: Rich
Birth: May 3rd
Loyalty: DDC
Place of Birth: ...
Residence: Traveling
Abilities: Izzy is a Sear. However, this works in very odd ways. For one, she can only see bad things that will happen. For two, it only happens in her sleep in the form of nightmares. She often will not remember most of the nightmares, but the really bad ones she will remember vividly, as if she was there herself.

Character Background
History: It was a bright sunny day on the island of Dragon's Cove when Isabel was born. ...

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Isabel -The Horrors of Nightmares (Human) (WIP)
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