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 Wysteria the Fume Dragon

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PostSubject: Wysteria the Fume Dragon   Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:08 pm

Name: Wysteria
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Cause of Death: Passed away in her sleep due to a raging infection and an odorless scentless poisonous gas.
Type Of Dragon: Fume, a hermit
Relation To Any Non-Dragon: No
Likes/Dislikes: Traveling, and having a safe place to sleep at night; also for some reason preferred to sleep in flower beds/gardens. Disliked just about everything about humans and the world that she'd seen with all the violence and hatred.

Description: Sadly for all her travels she was quite child-like and naive in mentality and retained that trait to some extent even after she was considered an adult. She had vast amounts of determination for a dragon that was still not mentally mature. She was a bit shy and a bit averse to contact with the outside world on occasion. If any unfortunate creature could manage to back her into a corner she'd simply lock herself down and exhibit a level of stubbornness only surpassed by a defiant woman or a mule.
Her scales were a bit of a medium olive green that faded to a very dark brown on the edges of her wings which was also the color of the scales on her underside. She did have some small scars from various things that had happened like falls, running into things, and accidentally scaring people into trying to harm her.

Other:\Her name was one that she heard when she hatched under a Wysteria tree in someone's garden. Since she had no knowledge of "parents", she named herself. Most of her life had been spent in or near the mountains, but in every situation that involved humans or the like, she'd been left as an outcast. She could never manage to get angry about it, only move on in hopes of finding a place where she would be accepted as who and what she was. Her non-existent knowledge of her own abilities had proven to be a pitfall for her, but pitfalls could be overcome. Though in her eyes that could take the rest of her days to figure out on her own.

More recently she'd had a run-in with a male of her breed, Gerris. After a short time of speaking to him he left her with quite a bit to think about. What was worse most of what he said had been right and they were things she needed to change. With new motivation she flew off in search of more information about the war and more importantly to find her maturity.
Size: Medium

If anyone wants to RP, ask away!
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Wysteria the Fume Dragon
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