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PostSubject: Supplements   Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:39 pm


• Medieval European Professions
• Detailed descriptions of professions

• The Art of War, Sun Tzu - A defining text on war tactics
• Medieval Weapons & Arms
• Bows- Primarily an art reference, although has useful stuff in it
• Do’s and Don’ts of battle scenes
• List of military tactics- Bear in mind that the DDC have a poor military force!
• A summary of how people die in swordfights -Trigger warning-
• Full article of how people die in swordfights -Trigger warning-

Medicine & Poisons
• A Modern Herbal
• How to poison your characters -Trigger warning-
• Realistic Injuries

Character templates
• Blank html reference sheet- Caution, doesn’t save if you accidentally close; take screenshots!
• Character development graph
• 370+ question sheet
• Big-ass character sheet
• Character analysis sheet
• 100 development questions
• Background questionnaire
• Character Perceptions

Appearance and traits
• 447 character traits
• Period costume images
• 55 ways to describe someone’s voice

Adding in realism
• Wheel of emotions
• Myers-Briggs test
• Myers-Briggs descriptor sheet
• Using dialogue to reveal character
• The importance of body language
• Emotion list
• Body language cheat sheet

Other resources
• The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli
• Plotting flowchart
• 100 exquisite adjectives
• 100 Roleplay scenarios
• Seasonal fruits


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