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 Joining Guide

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PostSubject: Joining Guide   Thu May 22, 2014 10:38 am

Joining Guide
Welcome to Dragons’ Cove! We’re so excited you’ve come to take a look around, and you’ve found the right page to start at.

What is Dragons’ Cove?
Dragons’ Cove is a small, tightly-knit forum set in the medieval land of (you guessed it), Dragons’ Cove! Dragons, humans, elves, avians and many other races have lived peacefully on the land for decades… until now. The five Guardian dragons, the protectors of the land, have failed in their duty. The land is now under threat from the invading Surahnian Rebels, a war-mongering race that has sailed from a far country to land on the west coast of the isle. A small group of fanatical dragons too, have taken this chance to rise up for the first time ever in the west; the fearsome Maledictus Eice. The Defenders of Dragons’ Cove are failing in their attempts to bring the isle round to their cause and protect the peace; the natives of Dragons’ Cove are farmers, not warriors.
Underneath all the surface tensions however, a greater evil lurks at the heart of Dragons’ Cove itself…

+ Small, tightly-knit community that is always welcoming to new members
+ Involvement in the main plot is always encouraged, although there is also space to write individual plots (non-canon)
+ Quality story-writing and characterisation
+ Dragons and non-dragons welcome
Key threads:
Character Creation Guide- not everything has to be read at once!

What next?
Get your first dragon! A list of all dragon breeds is available in the Dragon Index.
Non-Dragon character form- You can apply for a NDC straight away, even if you don’t have (or don’t want) a dragon.
When you’re logged in, we have a large chatbox at the bottom of the main index. Come and say hi; we’re very friendly, and love to meet new members. Normally we check this a lot more than the little chatbox in the sidebar (Steve).

While you’re waiting…
All character applications (both dragon and non-dragon) must be accepted before you can begin to roleplay with your new character. If your application is declined, we'll send you a PM with the things that need a bit more thought, or adaption to fit with Dragons' Cove's lore. While you wait however, there are plenty of other things to do.
Have a peek in the Lore and Character Creation Guide. It’s full of useful stuff, and linked throughout to more articles. Main Index of Lore and Character Creation Guide.
Check out the plot signups.
Make sure you write up a bio using this form for your dragon once you have been given one!

Who are your staff?
Avatars take you to each member's page.


- Forum owner
- Queen Bee
- Knows best: Guardian Dragons

- Head spriter
- Lore Queen
- Knows best: Surahnian Rebels, magic

- Queen of roleplay
- Super-active
- Knows best: Dragons’ Cove Royalty


- Advertisment spammer
- Lore Guide head writer
- Knows best: Geography of Dragons’ Cove, Elites, “basically everything”

- Pro artist
- Tourney mini-event
- Knows best: Maledictus Eice, Kaionar politics, avians, Turich


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mod!
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New 1x1's:
Speedplays: OPEN
Groups: OPEN

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Joining Guide
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