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 Aeterna Roma - AU Imperial Rome RP

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PostSubject: Aeterna Roma - AU Imperial Rome RP   Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:06 am

Aeterna Roma – Eternal Rome

Almost ninety years have passed since the fall of the Republic and the rise of Augustus, the first emperor. The Julii-Caesares and their successors the Claudii-Nerones are now nearly extinct as a result of familial disagreements and unchecked ambition. Rome's influence extends across the whole of the known world, dominating Europe and Asia, and yet now more than ever the stability of the empire is threatened.

In Rome the only “Caesar” is the toddler Tiberius Claudius Caesar, the last male heir to an otherwise extinct house. In the place of Caesars, it is a new Dictator who holds imperium over the empire. Yet, across Rome’s many provinces, there are generals and politicians who have their own pieces of power, and they crave more. Some will fight for the Senate, some for brothers or friends, and some for themselves. Only time will tell who shall come out victorious.

Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City; a place where the streets are running thick with wine, blood, scandal, ambition, and lust; where events happen so quickly that rising to power one day and falling the next is expected. Sweet words, honeyed speeches, and purses of money might milk your way to the top, but one wrong move and it's all over. This is a place where one forges alliances to survive and where enemies can seem as friends until they stab you in the back.

Where will you go in a place such as this?

List of Features
・Outcomes to all Main Plot events decided democratically by the community
・Senators, Gladiators, Matrons, whores, pimps, thieves, and gangsters – all character types are welcome!
・Premium cbox, paid hosting with no ads!
・Active & friendly OOC community

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Aeterna Roma – Eternal Rome
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Aeterna Roma - AU Imperial Rome RP
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