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 from this valley - la, active, 6 months, friendly

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josiah thorndale 1

PostSubject: from this valley - la, active, 6 months, friendly   Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:58 pm


As the sun sets over Los Angeles, the party is just getting started. In a superficial city filled with mayhem and scandal, dreams can be made, and just as easily broken. Whether you're a sinner or a saint, the Sunset Strip's the place to be. Home to former rockstars, party people, opportunistic rich kids and eclectic artists; from the sands of Venice Beach to the hills of Bel Air, life in Los Angeles will never be dull.

From This Valley is a no word count, character driven, literate role play site, based in Los Angeles.[/align]
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from this valley - la, active, 6 months, friendly
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