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 The Family Business-[spn] Supernatural Rp

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Evil Queen

PostSubject: The Family Business-[spn] Supernatural Rp   Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:27 am

[align=center]Site Name: The Family Business
Site URL: Click to enter
Category: RP forum

The Family Business;
saving people, hunting things.
The Family Business is a Supernatural RP forum - newly opened and ready for members.
During your time here on TFB, you have the opportunity to create a canon character, or introduce an entirely new character to the storyline.
The Television Series focused on two men, the Winchesters. Here at TFB, we strive to follow the story deeper, bringing to life the history of those canon characters that we know and love, alongside new characters who might just be the one's who save the day.

Play as a demon, a vampire, an angel, a human, a hunter, a witch and many more as you take on the world of the Supernatural.
With a wide variety of forums to post in, you can go anywhere, be anyone, and make anything happen.

Click to create a character!
Click to see the canon list!

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The Family Business-[spn] Supernatural Rp
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