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 Avaleur City RP

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PostSubject: Avaleur City RP   Avaleur City RP Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2014 9:07 pm

Avaleur City RP Hsbfjhbrgkihwg

- No Wordcount
-Friendly Members
-New Ideas Welcomed

Avaleur was once a magnificent kingdom, until the neighboring kingdom destroyed them. Now it is a city, building themselves up to become a kingdom once more. Knights were formed, a ruler was named. But many people do not want that to happen. They know that the people of Avaleur are strong. And they want to take it down before they become too strong. So the question is, will you fight for it? Or against it?

Face bandits, and knights. Work your way up to become part of the high council, or try your luck at being a thief. Own a shop, be a hunter, start a family. The possibilities are endless.

Avaleur City RP is an original medieval fantasy RP forum. It is a very friendly, incredibly active RP website with a lot of freedom! We have no set plot, only mini plots and the occasional major plot. This RP is filled with betrayal, hate, courage and love. Be as evil, or as good as you want. RP your way!
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Avaleur City RP
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