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 Colony 9 [mybb]

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PostSubject: Colony 9 [mybb]   Colony 9 [mybb] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 4:15 pm

Colony 9 [mybb] K0I1Mcn

We live in a world that is on the brink of war. That should come as no shock considering our neighbors. On one side, we have the Esmane. We don't know much about them except for the fact that they are somehow connected to the giant beasts that haunt our skies. Whenever the Esmane are slighted, the Dragons retaliate. It cannot be a coincidence. On the other side are the colonists. They landed on our planet, feeling as if they have some sense of ownership over it. They came with their technology and modern ideas, certain they are better than us. And we are caught in the middle. Once, we were human ourselves. Having survived the crash that stranded us here, we started to change. After raising our children on this world, this is our home, too.  

Welcome to Colony 9, a world like no other. You can choose to live a life of survival in the jungle, bonding to the native animals and trying to keep out of a fight that isn't yours. You can be one of the mighty Esmane, shapeshifters that have evolved to be the top predator on the planet. Or you can join the colonists with their advanced weaponry and tech. No matter what side you choose, you will find yourself in a community with interesting and welcoming writers. We strive to be a home for roleplayers that want a relaxed, easy going place to be.

We invite you to join in the insanity.
Colony 9 [mybb] BbUfni4
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Colony 9 [mybb]
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