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 Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men

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wanda maximoff

Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men Empty
PostSubject: Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men   Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 12:54 pm

Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men HEW7bbS

X-Men . X-Residents . X-Students . Cerberus . NCA Staff . Hellions . Exiles . Brotherhood . Overwatch . Human . Unaffiliated . Morlocks

We’re an AU X-Men RP set in a unique 'verse inspired by the films. We accept both canon and original characters and have several different factions available – all with a singular take on them. You can come play as a human, mutant or mutate and take part in a world still struggling to define who they are – not by what they can do – but by who they can become.  

Xavier and Magneto are dead; robbing the world of two great minds.

Mutant kind are being hunted; causing Allies to become Enemies.

Those who were once Exiled have now returned… a Queen takes back her crown.

And from the chaos of Schools burning; Hellfire rises.

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Flawed Genetics - AU X-Men
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