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PostSubject: Alohomora!   Alohomora! Icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2014 4:32 pm

Alohomora! Aloaddgif_zps6a9bc201
ALOHOMORA is a post-Potter RPG set in 2038, with plenty of opportunities to explore the larger Wizarding World and add your own touch! We are rated 212 on the RPG Rating Scale, and we welcome a wide variety of characters and members!

17 years ago, after the Demon Wars, hundreds of wizards and witches disappeared throughout the British Isles, all at the same moment in time. All were using some sort of Magical Transportation; Portkey, Floo, Apparition, or the Knight Bus. None of them ever returned. Eventually the cause was determined, but as the Lost were never found, eventually they were declared dead and the world tried to move on.

Just as the summer is drawing to an end, and students are rushing to buy their school gear, people appeared. Much as they disappeared, they appeared all at once, maybe at their destinations, but more often, in some random location. None of the Lost had any sensation of any unusual time passing, but of course for everyone else it had been 17 long, long years.

Are you one of the Lost? Are you a family member or friend? What happens now? Only you can find out.

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