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 Naruto: Land of the Ninja (a Naruto forum based rp site)

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PostSubject: Naruto: Land of the Ninja (a Naruto forum based rp site)   Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:19 pm

Looking for a Naruto RP Board?   We have what you’re looking for right here!  Our well-established board has been around for over three years and continues to grow with over 100 registered members.  The current story takes place in the Shippuden time line during the 4th War.

Naruto: Land of the Ninja

Naruto: Land of the Ninjais a RP Forum Based board that includes original characters and unique jutsu's as well as Canon Characters.  We have lots of canons still available (including deceased ones) on a first come first serve so if you have a favorite claim it! Our members welcome any level of experience in role playing and will help you in any aspect from creating a profile to creating a new jutsu. We will even teach new role players the basics in role playing.

Just one click away! Your Naruto adventure awaits! The war is here! Will you stop the Akatsuke or will you join them?  The choice is yours!

In case you missed the Link:

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Naruto: Land of the Ninja (a Naruto forum based rp site)
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