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 The Ministry!

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PostSubject: The Ministry!   The Ministry! Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 4:07 pm

The Ministry! Ministry-banner
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Not into fandoms? Not an expert at Harry Potter? You're in the right place!​

We're less interested in fandom expertise than people with a well-developed sense of fun, adventure, humor, and irreverence! Our players range from super-Potter-experts to people who haven't read the books!


During the Second Wizarding War, many employees of the Ministry of Magic turned a blind eye to the Muggleborn Registration Commission or were complicit in the arrest, imprisonment, or torture of their coworkers. Though the war is over now, the scars it left behind are far from forgotten.

Although many of Voldemort's followers were rounded up and imprisoned, there are still quite a few Death Eaters and other criminals at large.


Canons and OCs accepted!
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The Ministry!
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