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 Ari the sound of silence

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PostSubject: Ari the sound of silence   Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:10 pm

Name: Allaria aka Aria or Ari
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 29th of April
Gender: Female
Race: Human (muse)
Profession: Muse/Bard/Animal Tamer
Faction: no affiliation at this time.
Relation To Any Dragons: No dragon connection, but wouldn’t mind a friend.
Appearance: Lithe body almost willowy. Long  sun kisses blonde hair. Pale skin. Intelligent grey eyes.  Personality: Strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes. At least as much as appearance, please
Abilities/Powers: When singing her voice can soothe or put to sleep animals. When she plays she can calm most beings. If the animal or being is to strong willed her powers may not work and have the opposite effect.
A young muse cursed to silence centuries ago after stopping an evil force from rising a destructive beast. Some believe it was the elements themselves that were beginning to stir. None know but her that she has been silenced. She does not know how to break the curse upon her. She has adapted her own version of sign language to get what she need but many still don't understand. Which frustrates her to no end. When she used to sing she was able to coax the very birds from the skies, as well as the creatures from the deepest oceans. All form of animals and beast would go to her to find the peace that they many crave. But because of the curse, she was silenced and sent to be reborn. Now she is, in the middle of a war that she doesn't know who to keep away from. Though she doesn’t know her past, deep down she knows she needs to get her voice back but she doesn’t know why.
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Ari the sound of silence
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