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 Today is (not) a good day to die

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Today is (not) a good day to die Empty
PostSubject: Today is (not) a good day to die   Today is (not) a good day to die Icon_minitimeMon May 13, 2019 10:16 am

It was another beautiful day in the Everplains and Nalarys stretched out her wings as far as they would go to absorb as much of the sunís warmth as possible, simply relishing the fact that she could soar on a gentle breeze like this, without much effort, without any disturbance. The female Lightning Storm loved these fields, green as far as the eye could see, flanked by darker green on the sides where the forests were ever so slowly encroaching upon the open plains.

If she craned her neck just right, she could detect the shimmer of sunlight striking the surface of Lake Racksom in the distance. That was her ultimate destination for a drink and maybe dipping in a paw or two. She didnít particularly enjoy being in the water for the simple reason that it didnít always react well with her magic.

Her eyes scanned the ground, noticing birds of prey hunting mice, rabbits escaping from the shadow she cast over the grass and a myriad of critters she didnít bother to identify. There wasnít enough meat on them to be even considered an appetiser. She closed her eyes in contentment, angling herself towards the lake and just let the wind do its work, gradually lowering her towards the ground and the lake.

Noise that shouldnít be there!

Nalarys snapped her eyes open and scanned the surroundings to her right, searching for the source of the noise but couldnít immediately spot it. It was clear though that the alarm had been sounded. There were no rabbits, no birds or other small animals and a deadly silence had descended upon the plains and the edge of forest that bordered it. There were only a few trees growing there but it was enough to provide cover for human hunters and even some dragons. The humans in this area generally left the dragons alone, knowing there would be hell to pay if they attempted to disturb the beasts, no matter how peaceful the dragons might otherwise be. However, there were slayers every now and then.

Something glinted in the sunlight in an area where nothing should be glinting. She didnít know what it was but Nalarys reacted on instinct, banking away and upwards from whatever threat might be below.

Too lateÖ
A sharp sting in her wing quickly followed by another one in her neck made her roar in pain and fury. Regardless, she kept on flying, making use of her large wing span but to no avail. ĒPoisonĒ, she thought as her wings faltered and the ground rushed up to meet her rapid and involuntary descent. She roared again, weaker this time, but there was no way around what was happening. She had let down her guard and now she paid for it.

When the ground finally caught her, the world turned black.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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Today is (not) a good day to die
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